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MP1200 Mitsubishi EDM with multi axis technology

MP1200 Mitsubishi EDM with multi axis technology

The MP1200 Series from Mitsubishi marks the dawn of a new era in precision EDM as it has been developed as a machine for a combination of extreme accuracy and superlative surface quality.

Incorporating an exceptionally heavy-duty machine bed, top-flight linear guides and precision assembly are elements that give the MP1200 the best wire-cutting results in the industry. The slides of the linear guides come with play-free bearings without contact between the ball bearings during movement; this ensures maximum smoothness of motion and almost no rolling resistance.

Added to this, the Tubular Shaft Motor converts energy directly into motion without contact, without maintenance and above all without loss of precision. Combined with the 400% faster fibre-optic-based control, this superior technology can truly show what it is capable of. The 12-year genuine manufacturer warranty on positioning accuracy is a guarantee of top-level durability.

The MP1200 has a machine axis travel of 400 by 300 by 220 in the X, Y and Z axes with U & V travel of 120mm, which permits maximum workpiece dimensions of 810 by 700 by 215mm on its 640 by 540mm table. The 2700kg machine has a tank capacity of 550 litres.

The Mitsubishi Electric polymer optical fibres within the machine also have decisive advantages over conventional copper cables and also glass fibres. Not only their total resistance to water, but also their high transmission rates combined with minimal space requirements and maximum flexibility are essential for truly progressive EDM systems. The only thing that you as a user notice is the longer service life and enhanced precision. Positional variation of less than 1µm over the entire 400mm travel path with 0.01° dimensional accuracy and less than 5µm for 25mm cutting height makes the MP1200 a seriously precise machine.

An EDM machine that reacts with greater speed and precision achieves better surface quality faster; the MP1200 has a new H-FS generator with a significantly higher effective clock rate. The voltage is built up faster and with greater precision thanks to reduced capacitance loss. Thanks to faster voltage build-up, spark duration and working voltage can be lowered. All that you will probably notice is higher surface quality and lower power costs. The standard SD-FS delivers industry leading finishes of up to Ra 0.05µm in cemented carbide.


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