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New MAPAL OptiMill Uni-Wave

New MAPAL OptiMill Uni-Wave
New MAPAL OptiMill Uni-Wave

Fast and cost-effective for full slots – OptiMill-Uni-Wave

MAPAL is extending its programme of solid carbide high-performance milling cutters for roughing applicaitons with a new highlight for groove milling. With the OptiMill-Uni-Wave, full slot milling with a groove depth of up to 2xD is possible. With the new milling cutter that can be used for many materials, the level of performance is significantly increased compared with previous existing HPC milling cutters.

To achieve this, MAPAL has developed a highly ductile carbide substrate. Together with an extremely wear-resistant coating and special cutting edge preparation, the OptiMill-Uni-Wave has a 50 percent longer tool life than comparable HPC milling cutters. An innovative diamond knurl geometry guarantees an improved distribution of the cutting forces and ensures optimum chip formation. The short, tightly rolled chips are reliably removed. Due to the geometry, high feeds – and therefore extreme machining rates – are possible. In addition, machine, clamping system and component are exposed to lower mechanical loads.

The five cutting edges of the OptiMill-Uni-Wave are divided unevenly. As a result, significantly fewer oscillations and vibrations arise during machining. This means that impressive cutting speeds can be realised. While the performance of the new milling cutter is high, the possible groove depth is also large. A full slot with a depth of up to 2xD can be produced for many materials. The long tool lives together with the high cutting values ensure highly economical machining.

The OptiMill-Uni-Wave will be presented at EMO 2017 in Hanover. It will be available in short, long, overlong and extra long sizes in the shank form HB and in the diameter range 4-25 mm.


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