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TEK4 eSTEM Drill CNC 1000A ECM

TEK4 eSTEM Drill CNC 1000A ECM
TEK4 eSTEM Drill CNC 1000A ECM
TEK4 eSTEM Drill CNC 1000A ECM
TEK4 eSTEM Drill CNC 1000A ECM

A new generation STEM (Shaped Tube Electro-Chemical Machining) system that overcomes the negative aspects of the process. This system is a single unit machining center enclosing the process and the acid systems  in a single unit, which means that the machine is easy to install and there are no acid leaks because all the tanks, pipe work, filters, pumps and valves are enclosed within the machine. The TEK4 eSTEM incorporates many new features including advanced process control and better acid control. The control system has advanced process monitoring and graphing capabilities enabling process finger printing and tighter control of process variables. The TEK4 eSTEM machine is entirely constructed from stainless steel for easy maintenance and longevity.


Key features

4th generation design

700mm Z stroke

1500mm daylight

800x800mm work table

1000 Amps

Integrated acid system

Process monitoring

Process finger printing

100 process programm’s

Advanced filtration

Single screen control

Stainless Steel construction

Great access

Large capacity

Process data logging

USB interface


Full brochure download from TEK4 website http://tek4.co.uk



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