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TURN-CUT Feature on Okuma Horizontal Machining Centres

Turn-Cut is a programming option available on Okuma horizontal machining centers that allows the machine to create bores and diameters that include circular and/or angular features. This enables users to turn features on large, unbalanced parts on the same platform where standard CNC machining functions are performed. Turn-Cut eliminates the need to purchase special-purpose machines, tooling, fixtures or add-on components.

Benefits of Turn-Cut

  • Turn-Cut provides process optimization capabilities without a large investment in specialized tooling, attachments, fixturing or even a specialized machine tool. Turn-Cut can be installed on Okuma horizontal machining centers while maintaining the original performance of the machine. In nearly all cases, the additional options of the Turn-Cut package will make the machine perform more consistently, even in applications not requiring Turn-Cut.
  • Turn-Cut simplifies fixturing and reduces set up time as well. Standard fixturing can be used with Turn-Cut instead of complex fixtures typically required to orient the part.
  • Setup time is reduced since the part does not have to be moved to another machine to perform the operation handled by Turn-Cut.
  • Expensive index chucks are no longer needed for manufacturing of small valves or Ts. Turn-Cut on a horizontal machining center can perform the same operation with less fixturing investment.
  • Complex heads or specialized tooling used to control tool path are not required with Turn-Cut. The use of these types of attachments typically adds complexity to the setup and also adds extra weight past the spindle taper.

Turn-Cut does not affect the performance or longevity of the machine, and in fact enhances performance with the addition of Abso-scales and chilled ballscrews. When heavy milling is required, the Okuma horizontal machining center equipped with Turn-Cut is still as capable as ever. Most importantly, Turn-Cut allows for processing work without the need to use a secondary machine for a turning application. Parts such as valves, pipe or manifold-type parts are ideal candidates for Turn-Cut.




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