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Aberlink Xtreme - CMM accuracy wherever you need it

Aberlink Xtreme - CMM accuracy wherever you need it

Precision measurements in even the most extreme manufacturing environments - CMM accuracy wherever you need it.

Designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings, as its name implies, the Xtreme CNC CMM provides a robust solution for providing precision inspection results. The unique CMM’s advantageous configuration ensures that it maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that occur in conventional 3-axis Cartesian designs.

The Xtreme is a self-contained inspection unit. It has no air bearings, so no requirement for compressed air – just plug it in and go. Built-in temperature control and a compact footprint allow the Xtreme to be placed wherever it is needed.

Another unique advantage of the Xtreme is that all of the struts are controlled to operate at 40c. This means that the measurement structure of the Xtreme will always be at a constant temperature even when the ambient environment is not controlled and hence measurement accuracy will be maintained.

The innovative Xtreme is an evolution of CMM technology. However, it is the price that the Xtreme CMM will be sold for that is perhaps the primary reason why the new Xtreme will have such a significant effect on the market, with the potential for multiple units replacing a single inspection room CMM, ensuring that measurement is provided close to where it is required.



Are your customers asking you to buy a CMM? Do you want to win more business by providing detailed CMM inspection reports to your customers? We can help.

Aberlink is the largest UK-owned manufacturer of CMMs. Situated in Gloucestershire, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying easy-to-use Coordinate Measuring Machines for over 20 years. We have helped hundreds of engineering companies, our customers, in making the most from their CMM purchase.   

Let us show you how an Aberlink Xtreme CMM can work for you. Under no obligation to purchase, we can check your parts and provide you with a detailed inspection report in under 15 minutes. We have regional demonstration facilities in Gloucestershire, Rugby, Huddersfield and East Kilbride

To find out more contact Aberlink via MTDCNC.com


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