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Aberlink Zenith too - Best value-for-money CMM

The Aberlink Zenith too CMM range is the best value-for-money for the measuring volume of any CMM available in the market. It is the perfect affordable metrology solution for big and heavy parts. 


There are a number of philosophies that Aberlink has adopted since it was founded in 1993 that have revolutionised the way that modern CMMs are now manufactured. First, the bridge of the Zenith too is fabricated entirely from aluminium alloy. This has a number of advantages:  The cost of machining is significantly lower than for machines made from granite, ceramic or other exotic materials; The aluminium is stress relieved to produce a highly stable structure and, with modern computing power, running a real-time error map to achieve high accuracy is simple. 


All moving parts are light and this, combined with good design, means that the Zenith too CMM has low inertia and optimal acceleration characteristics - the machines are really fast, minimising inspection times.


Let us show you how an Aberlink Zenith too CMM can work for you. Under no obligation to purchase, we can check your parts and provide you with a detailed inspection report in under 15 minutes.  We have regional demonstration facilities in Gloucestershire, Rugby, Huddersfield and East Kilbride. 


To find out more contact Aberlink via MTDCNC.com


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