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NEW STOCK: New Alicona Systems Available for Demonstration

NEW STOCK: New Alicona Systems Available for Demonstration

Alicona has installed a new demonstration InfiniteFocus G5 with 360 degree rotation device.

InfiniteFocus is a highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D measurement system. Users benefit from a 3D micro
coordinate measurement machine and surface roughness measurement device combined in one system. The
range of measurable surfaces is almost unlimited. All relevant surface features of micro precision components
are measured using only one multifunctional measurement sensor. Users achieve traceable measurement results
in a high repeatability and a vertical resolution of up to 10nm. The robust measurement principle of Focus-Variation in combination with a vibration-isolating hardware enables the form and roughness measurement of also large and heavy components. All axes of InfiniteFocus are equipped with highly accurate encoders ensuring precise stage movement. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocus is also applied for fully automatic measurement in production.

The instrument is fitted with a Advanced Real3D Rotation Unit is equipped with a motorized tilt axis and motorized rotation axes. Besides the full form measurement of typically round tools the rotation unit offers further applications like the automatic measurement of cutting dies, micro hole measurement and Reverse Engineering. Further, you are able to measure trail and main edges of drill, cutting miller etc. in only one measurement circle.

The instrument is ideally suited for the measurement of components and cutting tools in a measurement room environment, contact us for a demonstration.


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