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New Optical Metrology Offer for July Now Ended

New Optical Metrology Offer for July Now Ended

IFSL Macro Scanning Profiler

Contact sales.uk@alicona.com for Pricing & Demonstration

The New Revolution IFSL Macro Scanning Profiler from Alicona, provides more benefits for metrology and inspection users for the measurement of profile and surface finish. It is being offered at discounted prices in 2017 as a launch platform.

Roughness and Tribology

In many manufacturing processes, surfaces and their properties are as important as the bulk properties of the material. The surface topography has an effect on a wide range of application properties, such as friction, wear, visual appearance, bonding behaviour of paints and coatings, corrosion resistance, fatigue behaviour, sealing capacity, electrical and thermal contact resistance, etc.

It is due of these properties that it is desired to induce a texture into the surface. When a texture is made into a surface the end product is known a textured surface. Textured surfaces will have surface properties designed to improve its application performance.


The IFSL Macro Scanning Profiler is a multi-functional metrology tool that can be used for the evaluation of complex surfaces, offering a broad range of parameters, which will allow a surface to be fully characterised both visually and numerically.

Advanced Software

The entire system is managed by Alicona’s powerful but easy to use software.  Using an interactive window display, the software presents on-screen instrument control, surface images, plots and data.  Available data includes a high fidelity 3D images, 3D plots, 2D profiles from 3D data, and a wide range of surface roughness and contouring parameters.

Key Features

  • High Resolution XYZ Measurements
  • 50 mm x 50 mm XY and 25 mm Z Scan Range
  • Fast Measurement Times
  • Roughness and Contour Results Displayed
  • Profile extraction


20nm vertical resolution and sub 1 micro meter XY resolution allows measurement of small features over large areas. Ideal for both small and large spatial frequency measurements.



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