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Renishaw Scanning Probes - SP25M

Renishaw Scanning Probes - SP25M
Renishaw Scanning Probes - SP25M

At only 25 mm in diameter, and with a range of scanning and touch-trigger modules, the SP25M is the world's most compact and versatile scanning probe system.

The SP25M's compact size and autojoint mounting makes it compatible with the PH10M PLUS / PH10MQ PLUS and PH6M probe heads. It can also be mounted on a multiwired extension bar. Together, these combinations permit excellent reach and access to part features.

Features and benefits:

  • World's smallest scanning probe at only 25 mm in diameter
  • A range of FCR25 module change systems, each of which allows any of the SP25M system elements to be stored in each port.
  • SM25 scanning modules and the TM25-20 TTP module adaptor can be docked directly into the FCR25 ports
  • SH25 scanning stylus holders require a PA25-SH adaptor
  • TP20 modules can be stored using PA25-20 adaptors
  • Excellent metrology - isolated optical sensing and 3rd order polynomial compensation
  • Five modules provide optimal performance across a range of stylus lengths (up to 400 mm)
  • Two sensors in one - scanning and touch-trigger
  • Crash protection and simple stylus changing
  • Fast and simple probe calibration cycle
  • Ideal for profile and form measurement
  • Suitable for use on motorised indexing heads for greater flexibility and shorter scanning cycle times
  • Simple and robust design for greater reliability - no motors or locking mechanisms. 


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