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XC- 80 compensator and sensors

XC- 80 compensator and sensors

The XC-80 compensator is a crucial factor in your XL system's linear measurement accuracy. Changes in air temperature pressure and relative humidity can affect the wavelength of the laser light and the measurement readings taken.

Features and benefits

  • Uniform compensation - The design of the XC-80 and sensors ensures uniform and extremely accurate readings over the full range of environmental operating conditions.
  • Frequent sensor updates - This can be done automatically every seven seconds, as indicated by LED status lights on the XC-80 unit.
  • Integrated USB - The integral USB connection means there is no separate PC interface and no separate power supply (the USB supplies the XC-80 and sensors' power).
  • Lightweight -  The XC-80 weighs 550 g, and together with the XL-80, weighs just over 3 kg (including connecting cables, XL power supply and sensors).
  • Intelligent air and material temperature sensors - The integral microprocessors analyse and process the sensor's output before sending digital temperature values to the XC-80 compensator. This offers more secure measurements and is a key reason why the XC-80 is so compact and also ensures sensors are fully interchangeable without comprimising accuracy.
  • Up to three material temperature sensors can also be attached to the XC-80 compensator to allow linear measurements to be normalised to a standard material temperature of 20 °C.
  • Versatile sensor cables - The standard 5 m long sensor cables are detachable for easy replacement and can be screwed together for extended lengths on longer machines.



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