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MazaCAM, Offline Mazatrol Programming

As a Mazak user or owner, have you ever wanted to:

  • Program TRUE Mazatrol formatted  programs on your PC or laptop, in the comfort of your own office, and without interrupting running machines?
  • Program and Convert between all Mazatrol controls from T2/M2 to new SmoothX controls. For one price.
  • Save your valuable programs by storing them onto your PCs hard drive, and retrieve them for later use?
  • Communicate with your Mazaks from your PC (upload and download your programs)?
  • Program 5 axis machines like Integrex and Variaxis direct from Solid Model and Output Mazatrol Program.
  • Program a part once, and then output it to both Mazatrol or G-code  for any other machine (e.g. Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak EIA, Okuma)?
  • Take CAD files from customers or engineering and use them to assign the tooling and go directly to Mazatrol or G-code?
  • Create CAD drawings from scratch, or edit existing CAD files and go to Mazatrol or G-code?
  • Print out hardcopy of  Mazatrol programs?
  • Use only one CAD/CAM system for all your CNCs, Mazak or non-Mazak?
  • Use a graphical programming method to program your parts, so that all your trig calculations are automatically done for you.
  • For Mazatrol programs no post processors are required. 

These are just some of the capabilities that MazaCAM gives its users.


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