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Aerospace Subcontractor Opts for Automation from Thame Workholding

Aerospace Subcontractor Opts for Automation from Thame Workholding

Added to MTDCNC by Thame Workholding on 27 February 2017

As a global supplier to the aerospace industry, Produmax has just moved into a brand new high tech £3.1M facility in Baildon near Shipley to increase its workload and support its growth ambitions.  

Actively involved in the Government backed Sharing in Growth Scheme (SiG), the company has benefitted from £1.2 million worth of business transformation support that has helped the company increase productivity, improve performance and reduce tooling spend.

 Part of this growth has seen the company actively look to employ automation and in particular the Lang automation system from Thame Workholding. When asked why the company opted for the Lang system, Mr Jeremy Ridyard the Managing Director at Produmax said: "As a company we signed a 10 year deal on the building and also many of our customers, which gave us an opportunity to bring work into the UK. To bring work in and be better than the Eastern competition, we realised we needed to automate production. We looked at many systems but we decided that feeding the DMG 50 EVO Linear machine with the Lang system was the best fit for Produmax."

"The overall aim is to gain the additional hours that are currently unmanned. We are manned for two shifts, which is 75 hours a week and it was the unmanned 'dead' area that we needed to take care of. We bought the Eco Tower, used the Lang vice and realised how good it was. So, we have now put that vice through all our other processes whether they are manned or not."

"We project the Lang system will pay for itself in 10 months. With regard to integrating the system into our production and running our first batch only took 3 weeks. In fact, we were doing our first dry-run in just 10 days. This time involved cutting the machine door, sorting out the M-codes for the machine and dealing with the machine builder to ensure everything interfaces. "

The system has been such a success; the company has now purchased its second Lang tower system, which will also feed into another DMG EVO Linear machining centre. The gravity fed tower has 60 vices and Produmax has set the tower to accommodate parts up to 300mm wide in the Makro Grip vices. The repeat precision is within microns and the parts are then transferred to a CMM for final inspection before being removed from the vice. The success of the Lang tower and the subsequent vice installations will now see Produmax introduce the Lang workholding vices throughout the factory. This will make all the vices suitable for all machines, delivering a completely modular solution with impeccable repeat precision. This is credit to a selection of vices, base and fixture plates and other ancillaries being completely interchangeable. 

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