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Special Purpose Equipment

Special Purpose Equipment

Added to MTDCNC by KUKA Robotics on 09 October 2017

Altec Engineering is a recognised System Partner for a number of leading manufacturers, including KUKA Robotics.
When approached by an Aerospace customer, Altec, in partnership with KUKA, integrated a 6 axis KR6 robot to provide an automated handling solution for a Doosan Lynx CNC Lathe.

The cycle begins with the robot opening the guard door, then entering the lathe and locating the gripper to grip the finished machined part. A signal will be given to unclamp the chuck and release the part. A new part requiring machining will then be placed in the chuck and a signal given to clamp. The robot then exits the machine, closes the guard door and the machine cycle starts.

During the machine cycle the robot will travel to feed the conveyor and perform a part exchange (pick up a new part and load the finished machined part into the same fixture). Reject parts are segregated and placed into a bin within the machine base.

The part of the conveyor will have been measured for diameter and length to qualify it is the correct part for machining at the station prior to pick up. The cycle is now complete and the robot will wait for a finished signal from the Lynx machining centre.

System Configuration

• KUKA KR6 six axis articulated robot
• Twin pneumatic part gripper with changeable profiled gripper jaws
• KUKA C4 robot controller
• Motor driven indexing feed conveyor with profiled pockets and side guides
• Post mounted laser measurement sensor to qualify diameter & length
• Pneumatic lift cylinder to enable part pick up using head
• Part sensor positioned at end of Outfeed
• Fabricated box section steel machine base
• Steel top plate and robot plinth
• Aluminium extrusion guard framework with interlocked access door & operator light guard

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About Altec

Altec Engineering and Altec CNC are trading divisions of Altec Engineering Systems. Altec Engineering Systems provides mechanical and electrical engineering support and CNC precision machining services to a broad range of markets and industries throughout the United Kingdom.

Altec Engineering also designs and builds jigs, fixtures and special purpose equipment and the company is a system integrator for a number of technologies such as robots, lasers, joining technologies and pressing systems from some of the industry’s leading suppliers.

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