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Wartsila acquire measuring system as well as Delcam PowerINSPECT
Wartsila acquire measuring system as well as Delcam PowerINSPECT

Wartsila acquire measuring system as well as Delcam PowerINSPECT

Added to MTDCNC by AUTODESK on 03 February 2014

The success of the global power company Wärtsilä depends on its ability to constantly innovate and develop new products.  With the help of a Metronor DUO measuring system programmed with Delcam’s PowerINSPECT inspection software, the company is now able to progress with increased efficiency and quality assurance.

Wärtsilä’s significant position in the global market can be seen from the fact that 1% of the world’s energy is produced in Wärtsilä’s power plants, with every third ship on the high seas driven by Wärtsilä power.  Even more impressive is Wärtsilä’s service program, with every second ship worldwide serviced by Wärtsilä.

Development Engineer Tero Kujamäki states that quality is one of the factors key to Wärtsilä’s success.  After all, Wärtsilä works in sectors which require consistent and reliable performance.  For example, power plants need to produce energy every single hour, while engine failures in ocean ships can have disastrous consequences.

To ensure efficiency and quality, Wärtsilä acquired a Metronor DUO measuring system, as well as PowerINSPECT.  The Metronor system is already delivering great benefits to the Finnish giant.  Before purchasing Metronor, scanning inside large engine blocks was a laborious combination of laser measurement and traditional instruments.  'The efficiency and clarity of Metronor and PowerINSPECT enhance the manufacturing process and give the results more quickly,' said Mr. Kujamäki.

'We do quality checks on subcontractors’ casting blocks on arrival so we can determine if they are acceptable for machining,' he explained.  'The Metronor system is very suitable for this type of application.  It is well known in the industry that poor stock geometry can lead to scrapping the part or extensive re-work.  Also, if the position of the excess material is not accurately measured, extensive and unproductive air cutting may well result.  We use the Metronor system both for measuring the excess material and the alignment of the casting block on the machine, and use the results to significantly reduce the machining time and overall costs.'

The Metronor equipment is also used on the production line where it checks the quality of the end product, for example, measuring hole patterns on different levels.  Previously, these were time-consuming measurements that were difficult to perform using traditional methods.  'By using the Metronor system, we are able to measure big parts with high accuracy as well as saving valuable time,' said Mr. Kujamäki.

Mr. Kujamäki is also impressed with PowerINSPECT’s inspection reports.  'We are able to take advantage of PowerINSPECT’s reports and the clarity of the 3D verification.  Previously, the results of measurements needed to be recorded manually which resulted in different measurement protocols,' he explained.  'After purchasing PowerINSPECT, results can be understood at a single glance, while the colour display means that everyone in the organisation can understand the results.'

'In the long run, we believe that Metronor has helped us to achieve multiple savings,' he concluded.  'First of all, inspection times have been reduced significantly.'  Mr. Kujamäki also recognised the benefits to the organisation of process optimisation, material savings and reduced machining times.

Vossi Group Oy, Metronor’s Distributor in Finland, provided basic training for ten of Wärtsilä’s employees to ensure correct use of the PowerINSPECT software. Not only did the training improve the quality and efficiency of the alignment process but it also aided in increased safety and the proper use of ergonomic positioning when measuring hard-to-reach points.

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