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Make Your Mazak MAZATROL Machine More Profitable with MazaCAM

Make Your Mazak MAZATROL Machine More Profitable with MazaCAM

Added to MTDCNC by Phoenix CNC Support Ltd on 12 December 2017

The need to increase machine productivity and reduce costs has never been more important than now. Choosing the right machines that optimise performance and reduce setup times is therefore critical. The Mazak range of machines offers practically every combination of machine type from 2 axis lathes and 3 axis machining centres to 5 axis milling and multi-spindle mill turns. To accompany this the Mazatrol control makes it easy and convenient to program multi-axis components using the powerful Mazatrol Conversational language to program and modify parts quickly and simply.

Although Mazatrol can be programmed off line in ISO, until recently in the UK there hasn’t been a solution to cost effectively program all your Mazatrol controls in MAZATROL LANGUAGE with one system. MazaCAM software from Solutionware offers you this solution in one package for all your Mazatrol controls from T2 & M2 right through to Smooth X controls at one price.  Also it not only allows you to program offline, but also to import geometry form a 2D CAD file or Solid model. By using the MazaCAM editor interface that is already familiar to your machinists, there is no need to learn another CAD/CAM interface to offline program, therefore programs will be quickly created from pre-existing CAD drawings,

Evenort Ltd (Sheffield), who purchased MazaCAM in May 2016, have a wide range of Mazak machines covering many generations and types of controls.

Integrex 300 III S Fusion 640 MT Pro
Integrex 2004 Matrix
Integrex J200 Matrix Nexus
Integrex I200 S Matrix
QTNexus 450 M Matrix Nexus II
Variaxis 500 5x II Matrix
Variaxis 500J Matrix Nexus II
VTC 300 II Fusion 640
Variaxis 500J Matrix Nexus II

As a subcontractor, Evenort carry out machining for the likes of the Oil Industry and on exotic materials that this industry demands, MazaCAM has given them the ability to not only program the parts offline saving time stood at the control, but also given them the ability to take existing proven programs and convert the programs to newer controls, and across control types. For example, Integrex IIIS Fusion 640MT Pro to Integrex I200S Matrix machine.  It should be noted that not only will MazaCAM convert from older controls to newer controls, it also converts from new controls back to old controls, so making it easy to reduce bottle necks if one machine gets overloaded.

SolutionWare History

Although MazaCAM has only been supported from the UK for the past 2 years, SolutionWare (developers of MazaCAM) have been around since 1975, originally offering CAD/CAM programming for ISO machines. Since the early 80s they have worked closely with Mazak Customers in the USA to offer an offline programming solution to output a Mazatrol formatted program. MazaCAM is also being used widely throughout Europe over the past 5 years.

None Mazak Machines

Most machine shops will have a mixture of machines and control types. Unlike conventional CAD/CAM solutions that do not offer a Mazatrol Formatted Output, MazaCAM not only outputs a Mazatrol Format Program, but also can output to conventional ISO machines in a G-Code format, as well as to controls such as Heidenhain. Thereby MazaCAM becomes an all in one solution for your machine shop, without compromising the power of your Mazatrol control.

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