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Milling of medical parts with OPEN MIND
Milling of medical parts with OPEN MIND

Milling of medical parts with OPEN MIND

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 07 October 2015

For the medical industry, the hyperMILL CAM package from OPEN MIND Technologies has proven itself the market leading package, time and again. One particular medical sector OEM, utilises the CAM suite to manufacture bone fixing plates by integrating everything from 2D, 3D, HSC and 5-axis machining strategies on a simple Windows-based user interface.


By using hyperMILL, this particular user has efficiently selected a comprehensive spectrum of milling strategies, all of which follow a uniform operating principle to drastically reduce on-machine processing times. The complex curved fixtures that require contouring, drilling and pocket machining have seen cycle times reduced by over 60% by implementing some of the highly productive strategies within hyperMILL.


The titanium component requires a series of operations that include roughing with a 10mm diameter end mill and pre-finishing with an 8mm diameter ball nose. This takes place prior to the use of a centre drill and a further two drilling cycles. Once the holes are completed, the blue-chip medical OEM conducts finish machining of the surface area with a 4mm ball nose cutter and final contouring with a 4.5mm contouring tool. When the surface area and holes are completed, the pockets are rough and then finish machined with an end mill prior to the final operation that chamfers the pockets.


To ensure these 10 processes are conducted with lightening speed, the OEM is producing the parts on a Mikron HSM 400U machining centre with a 42,000rpm spindle motor. To improve the cycle time, hyperMILL's 2D Contour Machining strategy is used to support the output of control cycles. This enables tool radius correction, feed-rate compensation and subsequent editing on the controller.


In addition, the customer is using the 3D Roughing & Finishing cycles for the external contour. As hyperMILL offers various 3D roughing and finishing strategies, this user can always choose the most efficient method depending on the surface shape.


Furthermore, the customer implemented the 5-axis swarf cutting strategy to permit the geometry  to conduct swarf cutting, drastically reducing the machining time. The cycle also supports tapered and barrel-shaped tools, which is an element that has contributed to the 60% cycle time reduction of this complicated part.

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