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ACE Technology Invests to Keep the Upper Hand

Published on MTD CNC by Measurement Solutions on 13 Aug 2018

In 2004, three individuals with an extensive range of skills formed ACE Technology. Originally established to predominantly serve the Motorsport industry, their goal was to offer “best in class” composite manufacturing services. Through a process of continued investment in skills and technology, ACE Technology now employees fifty skilled personnel across two factories located in Cambridgeshire.

No Stone Unturned in Pursuit of Excellence

Published on MTD CNC by Measurement Solutions on 02 Jul 2018

As part of their quest for continued growth, excellence and product diversification, CMS Cepcor® of Coalville has recently invested in the latest Creaform HandySCAN3D from Measurement Solutions.

Software Standardisation Increases Efficiency and Makes Inspection Easy

Published on MTD CNC by Measurement Solutions on 29 Nov 2016

The metrology industry has seen incredible changes over recent years, both in terms of the supplier base and the types of measuring technology on offer. There was a time when the metrology tool of choice was the traditional granite-based CMM, and for many organisations that is still the case. However, there are now many other types of disruptive technologies available, such as white-light scanning, red and blue lasers, portable arms, laser trackers, photogrammetry, … the list goes on, all making claims to be the “new standard” in metrology.

Koenigsegg Hits Top Speed With Creaform

Published on MTD CNC by Measurement Solutions on 09 Nov 2016

The Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a brand defined by painstaking precision and hand-crafting that results in an end product that most of us can only ever dream of owning.  The entire business is built around enhancing vehicle performance and streamlining productivity, something that has undoubtedly been achieved considering the cars have a 0-100mph time that is shorter than most of us can pronounce Koenigsegg! The small Scandinavian manufacturer has become world renowned, a multiple world record holder and above all, an engineering innovator. This has been true of the company ever since owner and founder Christian Koenigsegg set about following his dream to develop a super car at the age of 22, back in 1994. The odds were stacked against him. It was a now or never moment. His idea was to create a sports car that he felt did not currently exist and one which he believed would be desired — two essential necessities for success.

Digitising a plane as accurately as possible with MetraSCAN3D

Published on MTD CNC by Measurement Solutions on 24 Nov 2014

Established and officially launched in 2003, the Red Bull Air Race is globally renowned. By taking the existing model of Formula One Racing, and combining it with extreme aerial challenges, the sport has grown into one of the most exhilarating and fastest motorsport races on the planet.

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