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EMUGE cut cycle times by a staggering 60 hours at Larkshill
EMUGE cut cycle times by a staggering 60 hours at Larkshill

EMUGE cut cycle times by a staggering 60 hours at Larkshill

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 30 June 2014

Larkshill Engineering is a manufacturer of fixtures, jigs and components for OEMs in the Oil & Gas, aerospace, nuclear and automotive industries that prides itself on its impeccable customer service levels. To enhance its capabilities and service levels, the Birmingham based company recently acquired a new 5-axis machining centre from Dugard; as the robust, reliable machine meets the exact needs of the long established company.

Producing parts for these high tech industry sectors, Larkhill is frequently machining aerospace alloys that have proven problematic for numerous tooling vendors that have implemented their latest tooling solutions. However, the arrival of a rigid, high quality Dugard machining centre has highlighted the shortcomings of its tooling suppliers as it has enabled the company to push its existing tooling even harder to improve productivity – and this is where Emuge Franken has stepped into the frame.

As Gary Murphy, Project Manager at Larkshill Engineering comments: 'We have tried numerous tooling vendors that have failed on tool life, productivity, consistency and surface finishes with our milling and tapping applications. However, Emuge has solved all our issues. In one particular example, we had a prestigious OEM customer that needed helping out with a fast turnaround large and complex component manufactured from an aerospace grade alloy. Previously machining this regular job we knew that the existing tooling was burning out, causing tool breakages and not capable of machining at the speeds and feeds we required to turn the job around quickly for the customer. Emuge gave us their latest line of milling products for difficult materials and we cut the overall cycle time for the part by a staggering 60 hours. This rapid turnaround undoubtedly pleased the customer as we delivered the high priority component a full week faster than we had ever done previously.'

'We pride ourselves on our excellent quality, lead-times and customer service and Emuge has clearly helped us to enhance our reputation with its high quality line of milling cutters. The future for our business will see us continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology to enhance our capabilities and service levels beyond that of other subcontractors. Basing the business on this philosophy is why we have an excellent reputation, a marquee customer base and a bright future ahead of us.'

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