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The secret of composite success at Rhein Composites from LMT UK
The secret of composite success at Rhein Composites from LMT UK
The secret of composite success at Rhein Composites from LMT UK
The secret of composite success at Rhein Composites from LMT UK

The secret of composite success at Rhein Composites from LMT UK

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 05 June 2013


As time has evolved the world of engineers has forced challenging materials on the industry. The newest to the market place is composite materials. 
Composite materials  will play a massive part in the automotive industry as manufacturers look of ways to produce lighter more fuel efficient cars.

Currently the machining techniques involved continued to be viewed as a science. The material reacts sensitively, tends to fray at the edges, is susceptible to delamination and subjects tools to high levels of wear. The specialists at Rhein Composites are very familiar with the mysteries of this material. Working in conjunction with LMT tool experts, they recently optimised the high-precision of composite crane door.


If you talk about vehicle doors, you would immediatley think of steel or aluminium panels but at Rhein Composites they are different. Rhein Composites produce doors for mobile cranes that are made from resin strengthed with glass and carbon fibres. We call these materials GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) and CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plasic). In this case Rhein Composite uses resin transfer moulding (RTM), an injection process that combines the constituent parts of the materials in a process under pressure and heat. It produces vehicle components that are not only extraordinarily light, but are also extremely rigid and stable.


With all the above in mind selecting the correct cuttng tools can be very challenging. However Bernd Rorig the CEO of  Rhein Composites stated that both "CFRP and GRP are valuable and expensive materials and processing errors during finishing are unacceptable".


For this reason Rhein Composites selected LMT Tools as their tooling partner on this particular project. When talking with LMT, they stated that "the machining process is not a simple matter. Problems can arise, for example as a result of protruding fibres over overheating of the materials. In addition, the tools require optimum wear protection because of the highly abrasive character of these materials. Of course, we are very well aware of these challenges", explains Heiko Simonis composites expert at LMT. "We need to reply on our expert knowledge and advantages in our manufacturing facilities".

For instance on this project LMT adopted a cutting tool with a wear-resistant ALTiN coating, deep flutes and effective cutting edges are the secret of their success. When it came to the crane door, the improvement is dramatic: it used to be possible to finish three doors with one tool before it wore out, now the total is twenty.

"The future for these materials is huge and Rhein Composites needs to continue our market leading technologies and work with strategic partners such as LMT Tools" added Bernd Rorig. 


If you have a requirement for composite machining get in touch with LMT UK. 

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