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Guhring Extends Holemaking Line With New Reamers
Guhring Extends Holemaking Line With New Reamers

Guhring Extends Holemaking Line With New Reamers

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 29 July 2016

With a reputation unsurpassed in the holemaking and reaming sector, Guhring has now extended its offering with the new line of HR500 solid carbide universal reamers. The impressive HPC reaming line operates at the highest possible cutting rates with the result being holes of the utmost in precision, concentricity and surface finishes.

Astounding process reliability and cost savings are just two of the benefits that can be derived from this universal new reaming line. Suitable for finishing holes on a vast array of materials that include a variety of steels, aluminium alloys, cast materials, plastics, magnesium alloys, copper, brass and much more.

The straight flute reamers are available in diameters from 3 to 20mm and are supplied with 4 or 6 flutes depending upon the tool diameter.  The diameters are offered in standard 1mm increments as well as with intermediate sizes that can be ordered upon request. Incorporating a through coolant facility, the HR500 rapidly evacuates chips and promotes the utmost in precision and performance stability. The right cutting solid carbide reamers are TiAlN coated to extend tool life beyond alternate products and when this is combined with the unique geometry and through coolant, the HR500 genuinely extends tool life and performance on virtually all material types.

The reamers are offered with a flat or pointed end for through or blind holes and the overall length extends from 68mm to 150mm for particularly deep holes. The cutting length of the HR500 ranges from 12 to 25mm with a recess behind the cutting edge to evacuate chips from the work area. For more info on this universal line that is available from stock, please contact Guhring now....

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