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Seco’s new range of Minimaster Plus tools last longer

Seco’s new range of Minimaster Plus tools last longer

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 19 March 2013

Leading truck, bus and diesel engine manufacturer – Scania - already used Seco’s Minimaster milling tools in its machine shop in Sodetalje, Sweden.

But in recent tests using Seco’s new range of Minimaster Plus tools for machining engine blocks for its 16 valve V8 engines, Scania reported that the new tool range lasted considerably longer than its predecessor.

Says Henrik Svensson, Process Planner at Scania:

'We used to have to change our Minimaster tools once every day. With the new range it’s every three days which represents a significant improvement in tool life and tool cost savings.'

Scania manufactures five different engine platforms (engine blocks). All are made from cast iron. The blocks, each weighing approximately 450 kilos, are delivered to Scania’s manufacturing facility in one piece with pre-cast holes for the engine’s carburettors, fan mounts, cylinders, axles etc.

The castings are machined to the exact tolerances and surface finishes required on a large machining centre. Each block has 8 palm-size holes that need to be expanded, shaped and finished and the Minimaster Plus tools are used, along with others, for these machining operations.

Continues Henrik Svensson:

'With Minimaster we would need to change tools after machining 30 engine blocks. With Minimaster Plus this has increased to 90 engine blocks, and that means an increase in manufacturing productivity (more parts per tool), and a reduction in tooling costs...achieved simultaneously.'

If Minimaster Plus is having a direct and positive impact on Scania’s machining performance today – it is likely that the new tools will have an important role to play in the future.

Scania will begin production on a new range of engine blocks made from super-hard cast CGI (Compact Graphite Iron), and Minimaster Plus was tested on the new material to see how it would cope.

The results were equally impressive.

Says Anton Nilsson, Industrial Engineer at Scania:

'The Minimaster Plus tools cut the CGI as if it were butter, and another benefit we perceived was how quiet the new tools performed.'

For Scania, a company that places high priority on the well-being and health of its employees, the quieter Minimaster Plus tools were a welcome, added benefit.

The test (in more detail):

Seco’s Minimaster and Minimaster Plus were tested on the same engine blocks made from Cast iron SS0125 performing side milling operations.

In test 1, the Minimaster Plus tool using the same cutting speeds, feed rates and depth of cut was able to machine 440 details as opposed to 230 details using the Minimaster tool.

In test 2, the Minimaster Plus tool machined 90 details as opposed to 30 using the Minimaster tool.

About Minimaster Plus

Seco’s high-performance Minimaster Plus milling cutters provide manufacturers with increased productivity and precision. The range has universal appeal and as well as different sized shanks and replaceable 2, 3 and multi-flute inserts, the tools have internal through-coolant-channels.

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