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TRUMPF nibblers disassemble a 20,000 litre tank in four hours

TRUMPF nibblers disassemble a 20,000 litre tank in four hours

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 31 December 2013

Since 1995, legislators have set forth different guidelines. For some tank installations in companies and private households, this includes renovation or dismantling and replacement. Entrepreneurs like Sonja Rothermel are then the people to turn to. For the next few years, she sees the dismantling sector as a growing one: 'The proportion of dismantling work is still growing.' With the 8-kg TruTool N 700 nibbler, the company tank protection Rothermel takes cares of tank installations.'With TRUMPF nibblers, we managed to disassemble down a 20,000 liter tank in four hours'.

The alternative to angle grinders and flame cutting

With TRUMPF nibblers, the dismantling of tanks is now much simpler. Drilling a small 60 mm starting hole is enough to insert the tool. Then the machine 'nibbles' through the sheet metal almost by itself.'With TRUMPF nibblers, we can even work in tight spots and turn on smaller radii of 140 mm.

For dismantling jobs, the tank specialists work with TRUMPF nibblers. They do the job quickly and conveniently: 'We did our first tank dismantling in private households with angle grinders and flame cutters. This process produces a lot of smoke and odors. To be able to do work with these tools, ventilation guidelines have to be followed and you have to wear breathing masks.'

'The quality is right, and service is outstanding.'

Besides the health and safety aspects, cost-effectiveness also argues for TRUMPF nibblers. 'We managed to dismantle a 20,000 liter tank in only four hours, and that makes us better than the competition. Today, she considers herself vindicated in her choice of tool and brand: 'The quality is right, and service is outstanding.'

'The TruTool N 700 cuts sheets up to 7 mm thickness with no problems. The handles are adjustable and developed on ergonomic principles. That makes it possible to work in any position.

Particularly convenient in practice is the easy replacement of the die holder, as well as the ability to adjust it in four cutting directions.

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