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WNT technology and XYZ Machine tools improve the parts on Honda Moto 3
WNT technology and XYZ Machine tools improve the parts on Honda Moto 3
WNT technology and XYZ Machine tools improve the parts on Honda Moto 3
WNT technology and XYZ Machine tools improve the parts on Honda Moto 3

WNT technology and XYZ Machine tools improve the parts on Honda Moto 3

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 20 June 2013

With four races gone in the 2013 Monster Energy Motostar Championship, WNT (UK) sponsored Sam Burman is still looking to improve both the performance and the look of her Honda Moto 3 machine. The latest development in this fine tuning and fine detail process involves her making full use of the WNT technology centre and its selection of XYZ Machine tools, to improve the parts on her race bike.

The latest project that she undertook was to manufacture a new steering yoke to replace the factory original Honda part.  'This particular project was a great opportunity to show off what the WNT tools can do to anyone looking at my bike in the race paddock,' says Sam. 'The original Honda parts are made from cast aluminium and are not the prettiest thing to look at and also they tend to bend in a crash. Therefore, we decided to manufacture a completely new yoke from a billet of aerospace grade aluminium. This would give us a much stronger, yet lighter, component that would also look fantastic when on the bike. As a finishing touch we used the latest solid carbide engraving tools from WNT (UK) to produce my SAMBAM logo on the yoke.'

While weight reduction is not a major driving force in developing new parts on this class of racing, due to its minimum weight limit restrictions, Sam took advantage of a number of recent cutter developments to machine deep pockets with strengthening ribs to remove as much material as possible. The billet was machined down using a 63 mm diameter A2790 face mill with WNT’s latest HPKT inserts. The pocket milling was completed with a solid carbide W HPC cutter, designed specifically for machining aluminium, which made short work of removing the volume of material.

Some minor design changes were made to the original yoke, including moving the slit and clamping point to the front, rather than at each end. A feature that makes adjusting the steering settings much easier under the pressure of race day. The finishing touches on the yoke combined the finesse of the XYZ machine tools and the WNT engraving tool and chamfer tool to present a part that would grace any motorcycle.

When she is not racing motorcycles Sam works at Tata Steel in Scunthorpe as a machinist and the availability of the WNT technology centre and its XYZ machines allows her to put her skills into practice on slightly smaller parts than she normally works on. For this project she also designed and manufactured a set of jigs and fixtures, which will come in useful as Sam builds on her ambitions to supply other race teams with components. 'I'm really pleased with the final look of the yokes and I think they suit the bike. And they are already catching the eye of my competitors, so who knows where this association with WNT (UK) will lead me.'

The tooling and availability of the machines at WNT (UK)’s technology centre is part of the Sheffield-based company’s overall title sponsorship package of Sam’s race team – WNT/Burman Racing. 'We have many customers that are motorcycle enthusiasts and the class that Sam races in provides us with a great opportunity to highlight the performance of our tools through the parts that Sam is designing and machining, but also customers can get involved and discuss things directly with her in the race paddock,' says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). 


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