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DTS install 5 axis VMC into SG Instruments
DTS install 5 axis VMC into SG Instruments

DTS install 5 axis VMC into SG Instruments

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 16 February 2014

As a manufacturer running its machine shop for over 80 hours each week, reliability and machine uptime is critical for SG Instruments Ltd. Running a two shift pattern and demanding extremely high levels of performance from its CNC machine tools is the reason why the manufacturer of specialised research equipment for the material science, chemical and environmental engineering and Nano-technology sectors has purchased two machines from DTS over the last 12 months.
Working a two shift pattern, the company that is a subsidiary of the globally renowned Hyde Engineering Group manufactures a diverse range of products that include magnetic suspension balancers, thermal analysers, high pressure and high temperature weighing balances and high resolution Nano-particle size analysers to name a few.

Producing such high-tech equipment to remarkably tight tolerance bands and quality levels demands a high quality machining centre with exceptional productivity levels. To this end, Lancashire based DTS installed a Litz LH800 horizontal machining centre in the first quarter of 2013. Following painstaking industry research, SG Instruments opted for the Litz LH800 from DTS because it offered an 800 by 800mm twin pallet configuration that enables the operator to unload and load the next component whilst the alternate pallet of the LH800 is in production. This configuration enhances productivity and reduces set-up times whilst its through coolant facility enhances swarf removal, tool life and cycle times.

With a X, Y and Z axis travel of 1300 by 1200 by 1200mm and a BT50 taper spindle, the Litz LH800 is a remarkably robust machine tool with a 22/26kW spindle motor that delivers high torque machining performance with spindle speeds up to 8000rpm. The build quality and power ratio of the Litz LH800 enables SG Instruments to improve its material removal rates and reduce cycle times regardless of the material being machined. Furthermore, with a 60 tool carousel and the twin pallet configuration, the LH800 delivers remarkable flexibility that enables SG instruments to be fully prepared for anything from small batch manufacture to larger production runs.

The ability of the Litz LH800 to slot straight into the busy machine shop at SG Instruments and immediately deliver measurable improvements meant that the subsidiary of the Hyde Group followed the acquisition with the installation of a Litz 5-axis LU620 vertical machining centre. Introduced in the final quarter of 2013, the LU620 VMC is an extremely fast, heavy duty machine that offers exceptional productivity levels, flexibility and capability on a rigid base that will see the robust machine further enhance the productivity levels of SG Instruments.

Like the LH800, the new LU620 is an extremely robust machine that provides a BT40 taper spindle and 10/12.5kW spindle motor that delivers heavy duty machining capabilities over the 620 by 520 by 460mm (X,Y and Z axis) work envelope. With a B-axis tilt range of -50 to +110 degrees and a 360degree tilting range on the C-axis, the LU620 has improved capability and flexibility levels for the instrument manufacturer. As well as offering a combination of remarkably flexible axis movement and heavy duty motors that combine with a powerful Heidenhain iTNC530 control for maximum material removal rates, the LU620 has a rapid feed rate of 36m/min with a cutting feed-rate of 1 to 20,000mm/min - highlighting its high speed machining credentials.

Commenting upon the two new acquisitions, SG Instrument's Commercial Director Mr Eamonn Collins says: 'The installations have been a real success, as with any investment in sophisticated technology you can expect the odd niggle when it is first installed. When this has happened, DTS has been brilliant and their back up and support is superb - a real credit to the company. The machines were undoubtedly the right choice for us and have proven a great fit into our highly productive workshop environment. With the quality of the Litz machine tools and the exceptional level of support from DTS, I have little doubt that as our business grows, we will invest further in DTS’s innovative products.'


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