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Asquith Demonstrates Mould Tool Expertise With Audi Installations
Asquith Demonstrates Mould Tool Expertise With Audi Installations

Asquith Demonstrates Mould Tool Expertise With Audi Installations

Added to MTDCNC by Asquith Butler Ltd on 20 February 2017

As part of the globally renowned VW Group, Audi is undoubtedly a jewel in the German crown of automotive ingenuity. So, when Catalonia based Audi Tooling Barcelona (ATB) wanted to ramp up its machining capability at its new 'Toolmaking Tryout Center', the prestigious automotive brand opted for a ZAYER NEOS 6000, which is available in the UK from Asquith Butler.

Based in Martorell, Spain, the ATB facility manufactures, trials and tests tooling for automotive body parts prior to the tools being shipped to production facilities around the world. Employing over 150 employees, ATB trials its tools with three 2,500 ton hydraulic tryout presses, a ZAYER TEBAS 6000 and now the NEOS 6000, which can process components up to 5m. 

The new high speed gantry milling machine has been installed to support the previously supplied ZAYER TEBAS 6000 model that was supplied in 2015. The initial TEBAS model has more than fulfilled expectations for the demanding German car manufacturer, this has seen the second machine, the NEOS 6000 installed at ATB. The overwhelming success in Barcelona has noted other ZAYER machines being procured throughout the Volkswagen Group. This includes a ZAYER NEOS 4000 machine installation at Volkswagen Mexico and a ZAYER TEBAS 6000 in Volkswagen Brazil.

The impressive ZAYER machines have foundations made from polymer concrete that are spring mounted. This prevents vibration in the vicinity and enhances the surface finishes on the mould tools that are manufactured. With a maximum operating speed of 24,000 revolutions per minute, the latest NEOS 6000 machine processes the press tools extremely dynamically and precisely. Audi Toolmaking places great importance on the efficiency of the equipment it uses and the company is delighted with the acquisitions from ZAYER. 

The NEOS 6000 has a table area of 5.5m by 4m with an axis travel of 6m by 4.5m by 1.5m in the X, Y and Z axes. Processing parts in this exceptionally large work envelope is conducted with astounding speed and precision, demonstrated by a rapid feed rate of 50m/min and a working feed of 20m/min. As well as astonishing speed, the NEOS 6000 is extremely powerful with a 43kW spindle motor that demonstrates incredible operational speed via the Heidenhain TNC 640 CNC control unit with HR 550 FS wireless handwheel. 

Despite the colossal work envelope, the NEOS 6000 at Audi retains remarkable precision and repeatability of less than 0.005mm, which can be clarified via a Renishaw RMP 600 probing system for part measurement. For complete 5-axis machining, the ZAYER NEOS 6000 incorporates a patented 45º automatic rotation head that can rotate a full 360 degrees and this works in synergy with the 30º degree continuous swivelling automatic head.

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