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Automotive Casting Company Takes The Lead With Kao Ming 5-axis
Automotive Casting Company Takes The Lead With Kao Ming 5-axis
Automotive Casting Company Takes The Lead With Kao Ming 5-axis

Automotive Casting Company Takes The Lead With Kao Ming 5-axis

Added to MTDCNC by Lead Machine Tools on 21 May 2017

Partline Automotive has recently installed a Kao Ming 5-axis KMC-700HV multi-pallet machining centre from Lead Machine Tools. As the name suggests, Partline specialises in the automotive industry and the company has a complete range of vertical and horizontal machining centres.

Consisting of three divisions, the Partline Group is based in West Yorkshire with the Automotive and Engineering divisions housed in a 70,000 square foot factory situated in Shipley on the outskirts of Bradford.

Commenting on the purchase of the new installation, Engineering manager at Partline Automotive, Mr Paul Laycock says: “This machine was bought for pure production purposes. In this sort of business, we need to eliminate processes and we need the head to be able to machine in the vertical and horizontal plane. Additionally, the two pallets reduce the set-up times.”

The company machines a variety of casting components that can take upwards of 15 minutes to load, so the ability to load the machine whilst it is simultaneously running is a huge benefit to the company. “Our customers have set production demands and if the machine isn’t running, then we are not meeting their demands. “

Highlighting why the company opted for the Kao Ming 5-axis KMC-700HV, Mr Laycock says: “The machine has a FANUC 18i-MB control unit that is similar to what we currently use on other machines. Additionally, we have to machine to very high levels of precision and the build quality of the machine allows us to repeatedly hit our precision targets, something that is measured in process by a Renishaw probing system. With regard to tooling, the machine holds over 40 cutting tools, so changeovers are reduced.”

Another reason why the company opted for the machine was the renowned reputation for quality. As Mr Laycock continues: “We already have a Kao Ming KMC-700that has been here for 10 to 15 years and it’s been extremely reliable and productive. So, when it came to adding capacity, we knew that another machine with the recognised quality would suit our business.”

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