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Bay Engineering Dorset and Haas

Bay Engineering Dorset and Haas

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 11 September 2015

Bay Engineering is precision engineering company based in Weymouth, Dorset. Established in 2001 by directors Steve Balem and Darren Taylor as a management buy out of ESA Precision Engineering, a company that had been trading for over 25 years.

Five years ago, Bay Engineering made use of assistance offered by Dormen – the Dorset business mentoring service – which links experienced business people with companies. Dormen suggested Frank Guinn as a mentor.

‘When Dormen first approached us we thought it sounded too good to be true,’ explains Darren Taylor. ‘After the crash things went a bit quiet in 2009 and all manufacturing companies were affected.’

‘We were jogging along OK and decided to accept Dormen’s offer of mentoring. They put us in touch with Frank Guinn, who actually had an electronics background. We had a meeting and he got us asking ourselves the questions we should have been asking. It was just good to have an outside point of view and our confidence grew. Because we were meeting with him every month we were more motivated to put in place things that we’d decided to do.’

‘We moved into a new purpose built 6,000ft2 factory in 2012 and, bought a great deal of new equipment and are looking to grow our workforce from 13 to 20 people.’

Continued investment in not just technology but also its staff has enabled the company to maintain its high quality and keep its competitive edge in sub-contracting for the pharmaceutical, motorsport, electronics and oil & gas industries 

‘Our highly skilled workforce can tackle anything; from a one-off through to a large quantity of complex CAD components,’ explains Darren Taylor. ‘Our aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by producing accurate work of excellent quality, getting it right to tolerance and finish.’

‘We’ve earned an impressive reputation for our professional and honest attitude and friendly ‘can-do’ approach to engineering. This, combined with our workshop capacity will ensure our customers receive a good job – on time and on budget. Bay Engineering has seen significant growth over the past five years. In 2010, just after the recession, we were turning over £320,000. This rose to £1.3m in 2014 and I’m very happy to say we’re on target for £1.5m this year.’

‘As well as our precision engineering expertise and inspection capabilities, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and teamwork,’ continues Darren Taylor. ‘We have a fully documented system in process and final inspection procedures, which are rigorously implemented to ensure we manufacture to the highest standard.’

‘As part of ISO 9001, all components we machine are fully traceable from the material purchased, to programmer, to operator, to inspection, to goods outbound, giving complete confidence and peace of mind to all our customers.’

Steve Balem comments: ‘We’ve a culture of continuous investment in the latest technology and have seven Haas CNC mills and a Haas lathe. Our most recent installations were a VF-2 and a VF-4. The Haas machines are brilliant, for what you pay, they are the best production machines available.’

‘We can machine sizes up to 1,270mm x 508mm x 635mm. The mills are equipped with two Haas 4-axis rotaries. We also have a Super Speed Haas vertical with a spindle speed of 12,000rpm that ensures rapid removal of material with superb finishes. 

‘Our CAD system is One-CNC XR5, which works seamlessly with Haas machines. We have a CAD station next to each mill, hardwired in for programming and file transfer. All linked via a server meaning any programs are available on every machine at any time.’

‘Innovation in CNC machining never stops,’ concludes Darren Taylor. ‘As a technology, it only goes forward, not back. For this reason, CNC machining will never become a sunset industry. For the past five years, our company has grown at a very speedy pace - due in no small part to our investment in reliable and cost-effective Haas CNC machines.’


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