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Exquisite bikes manufactured efficiently with hyperMILL
Exquisite bikes manufactured efficiently with hyperMILL
Exquisite bikes manufactured efficiently with hyperMILL

Exquisite bikes manufactured efficiently with hyperMILL

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 04 August 2014

The multiple award-winning custom bike manufacturer Thunderbike, now manufactures a large number of its individually machined parts using the hyperMILL® CAM suite from OPEN MIND Technologies. The motorcycle manufacturer also utilises OPEN MIND's hyperCAD® CAD system for production-related design tasks.

Using the innovative 5-axis machining strategies from hyperMILL, the number of operations in many instances have been halved and the machining times have been significantly reduced. This is particularly the case for complex components such as fully-milled wheels.

The Thunderbike brand uses original Harley Davidson parts for the drive technology and electronics system and all other parts are custom designed and manufactured in-house. Over 80 percent of the exclusive individual components that complete the motorcycles are new milled parts. Based in Hamminkeln,  in the Lower Rhine region of Germany the machined components at Thunderbike are milled on a number of high specification 5-axis machining centres.

A wheel design that resembles turbine blades with its internal free-form surfaces is just one example of the particular challenges encountered at Thunderbike. In this instance, the hyperMILL® stock roughing and rest material roughing strategies are used to improve cycle times and tool life. Functions within hyperMILL that  considerably simplify programming are extremely effective for transforming already programmed component areas.

Graphical simulation

Programming is crucial for the quality of the machined parts. It is here that the post-processor from OPEN MIND and the graphical simulation of machining processes has supported the production process. Turn-mill jobs based on 5-axis technology require reliable collision checks in order for the operator to be sure that the planned processes are actually possible.
The perfect interaction between hyperMILL® and the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control system used by Thunderbike, is a result of the close cooperation of the two manufacturers. 'The achieved surface accuracy is outstanding.This is made possible because the new control and the machine implement the smallest details specified in the CAM system to the dot. Much like how a high resolution photograph has a stronger impact, our design is augmented by the new system,' explains Herbert Niehues, responsible for the production of custom bikes at Thunderbike.

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