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Cheshire Seals invest in ROMI
Cheshire Seals invest in ROMI

Cheshire Seals invest in ROMI

Added to MTDCNC by Romi Machines (UK) Ltd on 06 July 2015

As a relatively young business that was only formed in 2008, Cheshire Seals & Components is a manufacturer that specialises in the production of rubber, plastic and metallic sealing components for the hydraulic and pneumatic industries.


The company recently entered the market for a new turning centre and a relatively large CNC machining centre. The only stipulations that Cheshire Seals had in place was that its turning centre had to accommodate a VDI Tooling configuration. Taking up the purchasing process, Mr Paul Wallace, Company Director at Cheshire Seals says: ''We reviewed the marketplace, but ROMI was the only company that could adapt the turning centre to meet our tooling demands. ROMI also appeared far more approachable and accommodating than all the other manufacturers we approached, and this swayed our decision. We opted for ROMI and from day one the machines have been highly reliable and productive.''


The ISO: 9001 certified manufacturer purchased the ROMI D800 vertical machining centre because its ISO40 spindle taper and 15 kW motor deliver sufficient power levels for the company's demands whilst the 30 position automatic tool changer and 914 by 500mm table deliver the flexibility levels that meet the exact demands of the subcontract company. 


Furthermore, Cheshire Seals specified a machine tool with a Fanuc control unit that would correspond with the Fanuc control units on all its alternate machine tools. In the case of the ROMI D800, the machine was supplied with a Fanuc 0i-MD. This conformity across the shop floor enables every operator to work on all machines. It also improves the learning process for apprentices. Previous machines had dated control systems, so the approach of implementing Fanuc throughout the workshop has improved programming times, throughput and operator synergy with the various machine tools on the shop floor. 


Another factor for selecting the ROMI D800 was its through spindle coolant capability. This drastically improves cycle times, component quality and tool life when working with exotic materials. The through coolant supply is particularly suited to the company's extensive drilling and threading work, as it rapidly evacuates swarf from the work area. 


With a Fanuc control also fitted on the ROMI GL280 turning centre, the staff at Cheshire Seal can easily set-up all of the machines on the shop-floor. besides the selection of a machine that could support VDI Tooling, the user friendly Fanuc control was a key factor in choosing the ROMI GL280. 

Far faster machines than the predecessors, the ROMI GL280 provides a 12 station programmable tooling turret that is servomotor driven and hydraulically clamped to suit static and driven tools. This delivers flexibility, speed and reduced set-up times.

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