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CMS Cepcor invest in Honor VTL from DTS
CMS Cepcor invest in Honor VTL from DTS
CMS Cepcor invest in Honor VTL from DTS
CMS Cepcor invest in Honor VTL from DTS

CMS Cepcor invest in Honor VTL from DTS

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 18 July 2014

As a supplier of wear and replacement parts to the mining, quarrying and general mineral processing industry, CMS Cepcor has invested £4m over a two year period to grow its business. Machine tool investments have been 50% of this total spend with the latest addition being a vertical turning centre from DTS.

The acquisition of the Honor VL-160CM was specified because of its remarkable flexibility. As Chris Sydenham, Technical Director at CMS Cepcor says: 'We evaluated four different machine tool vendors and the reason we opted for the DTS and Honor solution was that they could offer flexibility to adapt the machine to our specific needs. We already have some DTS machines on site such as Correa bed mills and that was influential in our decision making, as we have received excellent levels of service.'

The Honor VTL from DTS was specified with all the optional extras to give Leicester based CMS maximum productivity, precision and capacity levels. For example, the new VTL has been adapted to incorporate a 1500mm ram in the Z-axis that gives the capacity to machine larger parts compared to the industry standard ram of 1200mm. This 1500mm ram meant that CMS Cepcor had to dig a pit in the machine shop to accommodate the new addition and its overall height of 7m. To support the smooth integration of such a large project, the DTS team were on hand every step of the way.

As Alistair MacDonald, Business Manager for DTS says: 'This machine is equipped with the highest specification available for the Honor range and with it being such a large investment; our engineering team have been on hand from start to finish ensuring smooth integration into the CMS Cepcor facility.'

This specification includes a 1600mm diameter table with a 2m swing that enables parts larger than the machine bed to be processed. Furthermore, the extremely robust machine has a toolholder that has 10 tonnes of clamping force compared to the industry average of 2-3 tonnes for a machine of this capacity. What this gives CMS Cepcor is the ability to take larger cuts and improved productivity times, all within an extremely robust and resilient machine tool.

In addition, the 12 tool carousel station incorporates an angled milling head and grinding attachments as well as through spindle coolant supply to offer CMS Cepcor remarkable capabilities that can reduce set-up and production times. Complimenting this, the Honor machine also has a tool setting system on the machine to maximise tool life, precision and repeatability. All this is driven by a high powered and user friendly 31i-B Fanuc control unit.

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