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CMZ lathes come out on top for quality and value

CMZ lathes come out on top for quality and value

Added to MTDCNC by CMZ UK Ltd on 29 February 2012

Leemark Engineering is a family run business, specialising in high precision CNC milling and turning. The company has 18 employees and is managed by three brothers who have been evolving the company since their father, original founder of Leemark passed away two years ago.

As a company, Leemark invest heavily in technology and have strong, traditional values in engineering. They have worked hard over the last 5 years to develop a loyal customer base servicing industries across a range of spectrums from aerospace to Formula One.

They machine difficult parts across many difficult materials such as High Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium and this highlights their expertise in engineering.

To develop and improve their output further, Leemark recently went about sourcing a new multi axis lathe.

After extensive market research comparing models and specifications, Leemark purchased the CMZ TC25Y, multi axis lathe capable of both milling and turning.

Spanish company CMZ, manufacture machine tools, supplying turning machines alone and have a subsidiary here in the UK.

Having previously purchased a smaller CMZ TB 67 lathe in 2007, Leemark were already impressed with the exceptional reliability and accuracy of CMZ machines and even took a trip to the factory in Spain where CMZ machine tools are built and manufactured. Whilst there, they were amazed with the build quality and therefore had confidence in choosing CMZ again for this significant investment.

The machine Leemark bought is far more capable than any other lathe machine in their workshop and is the biggest investment in a lathe the company has ever made. In terms of performance, everything is heavy duty and built to last. The spindle motors have significantly more power than their competitors and the turrets on the machine have 16 stations, enabling more tools to be held and fewer changeovers.

Neil Stockwell remarks, &ldquoCMZ are a great company, we like the whole set-up, Spain is very impressive and they know how to build a quality machine tool. We now have two machines from CMZ and since the installation of the second machine the TC25Y we have noted considerable savings in cycle times across the board on all parts machined on this machine. It has power and flexibility with the Y axis, this means we can mill on every component even off-centre, so we needn&rsquot perform second operations on another machine.&rdquo

Since installing the machine, Leemark have made great leaps in reducing cycle times on component manufacture. For one of their customers they machine a high-pressure piston which used to be done in three operations on three different machines. Notably since the new CMZ lathe arrived, this part is now made in one-hit. The process includes deep hole drilling which use to be done on another machine but thanks to the high pressure coolant and the stability and power of the lathe they can now perform this on the new CMZ machine. Overall, the cycle time has reduced by 2/3rds which gives them a huge saving.

After much research and a considerable investigation CMZ were clear winners for Leemark who are now able to offer their customers a higher level of quality and service whilst bringing them substantial time and money savings.


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