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CMZ turning centres for machining abrasive and hard materials

CMZ turning centres for machining abrasive and hard materials

Added to MTDCNC by CMZ UK Ltd on 14 August 2014

When Halesowen based MJ Sections was witnessing issues in its turning department that were the result of machining abrasive and hard materials, the company sought out a rigid and robust line of turning centres that could match its demands.

The acquisition trail for the company that specialises in precision cold forming and fabrication for the aerospace industry started just over three years ago with the arrival of a CMZ TC20 turning centre. Proving a resounding success, MJ Sections followed this purchase up with an additional two TC20 machines. The latest of the three machines, the TC20-YS has proven such a revelation that an additional machine is now on order. Purchased for the production of pipe end fittings, shrouds, brackets and sealing rings for the aero industry, the CMZ turning centres have improved productivity, quality and precision for the aerospace specialist.

As an accredited supplier to the likes of Bombardier, Airbus, Augusta Westland, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems, the installation of the first CMZ TC20 machine at MJ Sections demonstrated the rigid and robust nature of the CMZ line that meets the stringent demands put upon the West Midlands company. This build quality is highlighted in the hardened and ground boxways on all CMZ machines. Furthermore, the spindles are all fully integrated motor spindles that require no belts or transmission systems that can cause vibration. This improves the performance and longevity of the machine whilst highlighting the performance attributes in terms of surface finishes and rigidity.

In addition, the CMZ TC20 line at MJ Sections are particularly quick for machines in their class with 30m/min rapids on all axes. To highlight the power of the TC line, the machines at the Halesowen company have 16kW of power in the 16 ATC driven tool turrets  - delivering more torque than many machining centres.

The addition of the TC20-YS at MJ Sections offers sub spindle operation and Y-axis capability to improve flexibility and productivity for the company. The Fanuc 31i CNC system is provided with the Y-axis and sub spindle models to ensure the end user can fully utilise the capability of the powerful and flexible machine tool. This power and flexibility is ideal for machining all manner of turned components up to the 65mm bore capacity and 800mm Z-axis bed length of the machine. In the case of MJ Sections, many of these turned components require heavy stock removal in some of the most difficult to machine 'aerospace alloys' available - something that isn't an issue of the CMZ line of turning centres.


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