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CMZ TX66 Y3 twin spindle triple turret mill turn centre at AD Engineering

CMZ TX66 Y3 twin spindle triple turret mill turn centre at AD Engineering

Added to MTDCNC by CMZ UK Ltd on 07 March 2012

AD Engineering has become the first UK Company to install the CMZ, TX66 Y3 twin spindle, triple turret mill turn centre.

This advanced machine, chosen by Tony De Roberto, managing director of AD Engineering was first launched in May 2010 and is available with 52mm and 66mm spindle bores.

When speaking of his latest purchase, Mr De Roberto advised, &ldquoSeeing three turrets operating at the same time is incredible, the speed of metal removal will allow the company to undertake work that previously offered only marginal returns.&rdquo

AD Engineering supply components for a variety of industries including fibre optics, aircraft control units, wind turbines and subsea connectors.

As a company to go from manufacturing parts in single set-up operations on a number of machine tools to having multi-turret, multi-spindle capabilities is a great step forward for us.

CMZ are a Spanish machine tool manufacturer that introduce a new range of machines to the market every three years, as Keith Howell, CMZ UK&rsquos managing director advises &ldquoCMZ is one of only two manufacturers that offer a multi-turret machine with the more rigid box guideway system.&rdquo

Although CMZ appreciate the added expense in comparison to linear guides, they believe that when considering long-term cutting ability, the additional rigidity will ensure end users have the edge. By grinding their own beds CMZ already put themselves ahead of any linear guide system for a competitors machine.

The turret configuration for the CMZ TX Series can be two upper turrets, an upper and a lower turret or a triple turret version. All of the 12 station turrets offer 18kW driven tools, Y-axes with ±40mm and half index to allow up to four tools per single turret station.

To add further to the impressive capabilities of the TX, it is also the first machine in the CMZ stable to be fitted with a 15-inch screen version of the Fanuc 31iT control.

In addition to the CMZ TX66 Y3, AD Engineering will also be installing their newly purchased Mitutoyo optical measuring machine within an air conditioned quality inspection room and alongside a CMM used to produce detailed inspection reports.


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