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DMG MORI NLX 2000 SY | 500 combines machining operations.
DMG MORI NLX 2000 SY | 500 combines machining operations.
DMG MORI NLX 2000 SY | 500 combines machining operations.
DMG MORI NLX 2000 SY | 500 combines machining operations.

DMG MORI NLX 2000 SY | 500 combines machining operations.

Added to MTDCNC by DMG MORI on 11 July 2016

For Nutberry, a policy of manufacturing parts in house and automation of processes led it to invest in a DMG MORI NLX 2000 SY | 500. The company based in Hailsham has been manufacturing gas springs since the 1980s and developments in the design and fields of application of these products increased the need for more milling and turning operations. 

Antony Montebello, Director at Nutberry says, “We started manufacturing gas springs for British Steel when it was looking for an alternative to compression springs for clamping at high temperatures. Compressions springs tend to relax at high temperature, while gas spring clamping forces increase, making them an ideal solution. Originally, we used to buy in the bellows for the gas springs, but now we manufacture our own, ensuring quality and continuity of supply. This has opened the door to other opportunities especially where high temperature or pressure or where a corrosive environment is involved. Applications include valve manufacture, the oil and gas industry, body scanners and vacuum pumps.”

The company has experience with DMG MORI machines and, when it decided it needed a more versatile bar fed machine with driven tools, DMG MORI was an obvious contender. Antony Montebello says, “With the advances in gas spring design, we needed to perform both turning and milling operations to manufacture the end fittings. With the NLX 2000 SY | 500 we have eliminated these extra operations. Our new patented balanced spring design includes two chambers, extra drilling operations and flats on the rams, all ideal for the NLX 2000 SY | 500’s driven tooling. The aim of this new gas spring is a controlled clamping force. Sometimes the clamping force can be too great at high temperature.  The second chamber pressurises as the temperature rises providing an opposing force, keeping the overall clamping force within tolerance. The NLX 2000 SY | 500 is also very useful for the manufacture of parts for our bellows making machine, as we require special tools to suit each new bellows shape we produce.”

The NLX 2000 SY | 500 comes with CELOS® and has a spindle 2, built in motor turret, part catcher, controlled thermal displacement through coolant circulation in the machine body and high vibration damping performance from its rigid construction. Antony Montebello adds, “We have noticed how accurate the machine is. It works to ± 0.02mm all day. With our other machines we have to adjust the offsets to keep within tolerance but there is no need to make any adjustments on the NLX 2000 SY | 500. We have had an old DMG MORI machine since 1983 and it still works well with little maintenance. On the new machine, which we have had for nearly 12 months, we simply don’t have any reliability problems, so we have not had any reason to use the after sales service.  We are very confident in the performance, reliability and accuracy of the new machine.”

The CELOS® system lets the company switch between jobs easily and maintain setting and tooling information in one place. Programming of the driven tools and spindle 2 is simplified and speeded up with verification of the tool path, making it possible for a finished part to be collected by the part catcher. Antony Montebello says, “The machine has plenty of power to cut the most demanding materials we work with, such as ESR Stainless Steel, and the accuracy reduces our scrap rates, while the reduction in operations frees up the operator for other tasks and gives us the opportunity to run extra shifts through automation. As our products develop with more complex geometry, not only will we reduce machining times, but we will also get extra capacity. We make high quality products, so we need a high specification machine to achieve our aims.”

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