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Medical device manufacturer invests in new Doosan turning centre

Medical device manufacturer invests in new Doosan turning centre

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 18 May 2012

Leading medical devices manufacturing subcontract specialist ' Seon Medical Ltd ' has recently invested in a new Doosan high-performance turning centre from Mills CNC.

The machine ' a Puma 2600Y ' was installed at the company's purpose-built manufacturing facility in Lymington, Hampshire in April 2012 and is being used to manufacture a range of orthopaedic medical devices (femoral heads and acetabular components) and surgical instruments for its national and international customer base.

The new Puma lathe has provided Seon Medical with additional and more advanced turning capacity and capabilities ' and is helping the company achieve significant productivity gains and performance improvements.

Says Stephen Brown, managing director:

'In the global medical devices and healthcare product sectors where we operate - quality, delivery and cost-competitiveness are, in equal measure, the key determining factors that affect growth and success ' and we monitor our business performance in these areas rigorously.

'Part and parcel of our continuous improvement strategy involves detailed, methodical and on-going analysis and review of our manufacturing capabilities (operations, processes and systems). This activity helps us identify areas for improvement ' where we can make our operations more effective and efficient.'

In early 2012 it was identified and then agreed that investment in a larger capacity lathe with driven tools and Y-axis capabilities would help the company:

a) Increase its productivity,
b) Improve work-piece quality (part accuracies and repeatability's).
c) Be in a better position to achieve increasingly tight lead times
d) Reduce operational costs
Continues Stephen Brown:

'We have, in recent years, and to good effect invested in advanced 4- and 5-axis machining centres and needed to achieve similar productivity and performance benefits in our turning operations.

'Owing to the type of parts we manufacture (e.g. high-precision, complex components in small volumes with short lead times), and the materials we machine (e.g. difficult to machine materials like titanium alloys and cobalt chrome), we knew we needed a rigid, thermally-stable machine with a proven track record to machine parts to the speed, the exceptionally tight tolerances and exacting surface finishes required.'

'We also realised from previous experience that lathes with driven tools were a productivity-enhancing necessity and that a machine with an integrated Y-axis would enable us to mill features in parts (above the centre-line) ' thereby helping us to machine parts in one or fewer set ups, and avoiding the production bottlenecks caused by having to transfer parts between machines.'

To increase turning capacity and improve manufacturing flexibility Seon Medical also required a larger lathe (10' chuck/76-mm bar diameter).

After discussions with a number of machine tool manufacturers the Doosan Puma 2600Y from Mills CNC was ed but, as Stephen Brown recalls 'the choice of lathe involved more than a confirmation of the machine's technical specifications.'

Continues Stephen Brown:

'We have in the past invested in Doosan Lynx lathes and more recently in a Doosan DNM 400 4-axis vertical machine ' and as a consequence know (and like) what Mills can provide.

'Mills' training, their after-sales support and their technical back-up are all services we rely on ' and these plus their machine tool finance assistance ' represented and proved to be an unbeatable package.'


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