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Four new Doosan machine tools at the Techno Group
Four new Doosan machine tools at the Techno Group
Four new Doosan machine tools at the Techno Group

Four new Doosan machine tools at the Techno Group

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 10 May 2014

A major capital investment programme that includes the purchase of four new Doosan machine tools helps the Techno Group consolidate its position as a leading precision component subcontractor.

There is a danger amongst some SMEs to become victims of their own success.

Encouraged by the economic upturn and with healthier order books and balance sheets there is an understandable tendency, for some companies at least, to focus their efforts and resources entirely on dealing with the ‘here and now’, with less planning for investing in developments for the future.

This is not the case with the Techno Group a progressive company that, over the last two years, has made significant improvements at both its production facilities in Rugby (Technoset) and St Leonards (Technoturn) by investing in advanced, highly productive machine tools and metrology equipment, by modernising its plant and upgrading and streamlining its operational processes and systems and by raising the skill levels of its staff through targeted training.

Investing in the future is nothing new for the Techno Group.

For over 30 years the company has implemented continuous improvement strategies in its efforts to improve its competitiveness and develop and strengthen its preferred ‘supply chain’ partner relationships with many of its customers.

However, the scope and scale of these most recent investments is a significant step in the planned development for the Techno Group.

Explains Director Kevan Kane:

'We want to be the best we can possibly be, and the investments made at both our facilities aren’t just about increasing and improving each site’s manufacturing capacity or capabilities, although that in itself was important. We are a customer focussed organisation. It is our aim to be responsive to our customers’ needs and to supply our customers’ products on time and in full.'

Continues Kevan Kane:

'Whilst both our operations were (and are) successful we were missing a trick – and that was to promote and exploit the collective strength of the Techno Group itself.'

The size of the Techno Group and the resources it has at its disposal has helped the group ‘gain a seat at the table’ with customers who had previously proved elusive.

Explains Kevan Kane:

'Our size, strength and experience means we are more visible and can demonstrate to customers that we have everything in place to manufacture their complex, high-precision components and deliver them on time and in budget.'

The Techno Group’s business focus is predominantly, although not exclusively, aerospace-related. Other sectors and industries served include Motorsport, Opto-Electronics & Lasers, Telecommunications and Medical.

Both companies have  ‘raised their game’ significantly in recent years by implementing comprehensive Quality Management Systems and achieving AS9100 accreditation with Technoset also achieving an SC 21 Bronze accreditation.

Implementing new and effective ‘best-practice’ manufacturing methods combined with a more strategic promotion of The Techno Group’s size, strength and collective capabilities is enabling the company to become more influential and more valued in its supply chains.

Says Director, David McIlwain:

'Manufacturing excellence and outstanding customer support are hallmarks of The Techno Group.

'We provide reliable total systems solutions to our growing customer base, and use advanced manufacturing technologies to deliver the quality we expect and our customers demand.'

In pursuit of these objectives the company has at its disposal a formidable portfolio of flexible, high-performance fixed and sliding-head mill-turning centres and vertical machining centres.

The recently implemented capital investment programme, which will be completed in spring 2014, will see both facilities significantly improve their production capacity and capabilities.

Integral to these improvements is an increase in floor space. New building works and refurbishment of existing plant at the Rugby site has freed up an additional 6,500sq ft of space, and at the St. Leonards’ facility an extra 4,000sq ft has been created. These increases have enabled both facilities to improve their manufacturing efficiency and flexibility.

New space aside, the centrepiece of Techno Group’s investment is its new machines – four Doosan machining centres supplied by Mills CNC.

At Technoset the arrival of two new Doosan DNM 500 vertical machines equipped with integrated 4th axis units is enabling the company to machine parts in fewer set-ups and reduce part cycle times thereby increasing productivity, improving lead times and reducing the cost-per-part.

Running parallel to the investment at Technoset is a similar level of investment at Technoturn. Here the acquisition of two new Doosan VC 510 (twin-pallet) vertical machining centres with integrated 4th-axis capability, have again had a marked impact on productivity and performance.

Concludes Director, David McIlwain:

'We now have similar machining capabilities at both facilities. This gives us additional and transferable capacity and flexibility because jobs can be handled at either Rugby or St. Leonards, and this in turn helps us be more productive and provide a more efficient and reliable service to customers.

'We may have started out 30 years ago as a more traditional ‘jobbing’ shop, but today we are a supplier of sophisticated, high-quality and high-value manufactured components.

'Our customers are world-class OEMs, Tier 1 and 2, and they expect us to be the same.'

'The investments we have made demonstrate our world-class ambitions.'

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