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Doosan Puma 2600SY installed at Bernard Holmes Precision

Doosan Puma 2600SY installed at Bernard Holmes Precision

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 03 September 2012

Leading precision subcontractor cuts cycle times and reduces lead times with latest turning centre investment.

Lincolnshire-based precision subcontract specialist Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd has recently invested in a new Doosan multi-tasking turning centre and a Hydrafeed MV65 bar feeder, supplied by Mills CNC as a turnkey solution.

The machine, a Puma 2600SY, was installed at the company’s 11,500sq ft facility in Sleaford in February 2012 and is being used to manufacture (prototypes and one-offs through to medium - high volume batches) a diverse range of high-precision, complex components for its equally diverse range of food processing, bulk materials handling, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and diesel engine customers.

The decision to invest in the new Puma 2600SY followed a review of the company’s manufacturing operations, undertaken as part of its Continuous Improvement Programme, which identified that productivity gains and performance improvements could be obtained by investing in a multi-tasking turning centre.

Says Simon Hudson, Manager at Bernard Holmes:

‘Business in 2010 and 2011 had picked up following the earlier economic downturn, and to take advantage of the recovery we conducted a review into our existing machining capabilities and capacity.

‘Although we had a number of CNC machines at our facility (6 x lathes and 5 x machining centres) it was apparent that production bottlenecks, caused by having to transfer parts between machines and waiting for machines to become free for this to happen, were having an adverse affect on productivity and delivery times.

‘As a consequence we investigated the options for investing in a turning centre with an integrated sub-spindle and live tooling to ease the pressure.

We approached Mills CNC, a company who we already had good relations with having previously invested in a number of their machines, to discuss our plans and to help identify the optimum machine tool.’

The machine selected was the Puma 2600SY - a sophisticated turning centre with an integrated sub-spindle and mill/drill driven tooling capabilities.

The Puma 2600SY, with integrated bar feeder, operates as a one machine manufacturing cell.  Parts can be and are machined to completion in one set-up thereby saving time and cost. And, because parts no longer need to be transferred between machines, accuracies have also been improved.
Says Assistant Manager, Russell Thackray:

‘The productivity benefits gained from the new Puma 2600SY machine are clear.

‘A typical part we manufacture involving 6 different machining operations (turning, milling of keyways and drilling/tapping) used to involve many machine transfers and set ups to complete. With the new Puma 2600SY we can now machine the part complete. This has huge benefits to productivity and overall efficiency.’

Impressive as the performance of the Puma 2600SY is - it wasn’t just the machine’s features and capabilities that motivated Bernard Holmes’ management team to make the investment.

Continues Company Owner, Kay Pryszlak:

‘We have dealt with Mills for a number of years. Indeed the first CNC machine we invested in back in 1997 was a lathe supplied by Mills.

‘We like and appreciate Mills’ business approach and believe that their after-sales service is difficult to beat.

‘We know that if we have a problem their technical, service and applications engineers will be on hand to sort things out.

Mills’ commitment to customer care was a key determining factor in our investment decision.’

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