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CAM Machine invests in new Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathe
CAM Machine invests in new Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathe
CAM Machine invests in new Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathe

CAM Machine invests in new Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathe

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 16 September 2014

It’s true that you can tell a lot about the values, credentials and ambitions of companies by reading their literature and by visiting their websites.

But, in the case of precision component manufacturing companies, a good (perhaps better) indication of their true capabilities, capacity and quality standards is obtained by looking at the range (and age) of the machine tools and ancillary equipment they have at their disposal...and their attitude towards investing in their people and in the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Anyone looking at Clevedon-based Cam Machine Components Ltd cannot fail to be impressed.

In the last 12 months alone the company has invested in four new Doosan machine tools from Mills CNC as a route to improving its productivity, securing new high-margin manufacturing contracts and maintaining excellent supply chain relationships with customers.

These new acquisitions, in addition to the company’s range of previously purchased advanced multi-tasking lathes and turning centres and heavy-duty machining centres, and similar strategic investments made to improve its CAD/CAM, quality and inspection capabilities, have helped Cam Machine Components increase its turnover by 200% in the last 5 years!

This success story looks set to continue with the company’s most recent investments.

Puma ST 32G sliding head lathe

Amongst the newest machine tool arrivals at Cam Machine is a Doosan Puma ST 32G sliding head sub-spindle lathe, equipped with the latest Fanuc 31iB CNC control system, which was installed at the company’s facility in February 2014.

To ensure maximum productivity (and take advantage of its lights-out operation potential), the machine was supplied with an integrated LNS Sprint 552 bar feeder (that can accommodate bars up to 4 metres in length, and between 5mm – 52mm in diameter).

Since being installed the Puma ST 32G has been in continuous operation machining small, complex high-precision parts in both medium and high-volume batches for a diverse range of customers operating in the hydraulics and pneumatics, automotive, agriculture, electronics and 3D printing equipment markets.

Materials machined on the ST 32G vary and include steel, Stainless, aluminium, exotics etc.

Why the ST 32G was selected

The Puma ST 32G lathe is equipped with an oil-cooled 5.5/7.5kW, 8,000rpm (built-in motor) main spindle, and a 2.2/3.7kW 8,000 rpm sub-spindle.

The machine’s standard tooling configuration is -: 6 static turning tools; 4 cross milling (rotary) tools including milling tool holders; 2 static and 2 milling holders on the back tool post; and 2 static sleeves for deep-hole drilling.

Special tool holders are also available for Thread Whirling, Adjustable Angled Milling, Polygon Turning and Slitting saw applications.

The machine is versatile and features a flexible tooling configuration designed to optimise cycle times and handle the most complex work-pieces.

Comments CMC director, Gervase Winn:

'The Puma ST 32G is a high-performance lathe and, in truth, is similar in specification to a number of other advanced sliding head machines currently available on the market.

'Having said that, the Doosan machine (from Mills) did have a number of specific advantages over competitor machines...and it was these that made us opt for the Puma ST 32G.'

These advantages included the machine’s ergonomic design and build which comprised the following -:

a) A small compact footprint;

b) A lifting door (as opposed to a sliding door) configuration which improves operator access for setting-up jobs and undertaking maintenance operations, and

c) A spacious work area that minimises the potential of interference from and between adjacent tools which reduces the need to remove tools during set-ups.

Other machine-specific advantages were the machine’s ability to accommodate additional driven tools (3 tool station), and its high-efficiency swarf management system and parts catcher – all critical elements that ensure a reliable machining process  and that allow trouble-free, lights-out production to occur.

Says Cam Machine director, Simon Farr:

'Our decision to select the Puma ST 32G was also influenced by the machine’s competitive price and by the back-up and technical support we receive from Mills CNC.

'We have a good number of Doosan machines installed at our facility and the after-sales service provided by Mills is (we believe) second to none.'

Puma ST 32G – performance

Since being installed the Puma ST 32G has been used to machine a range of small production parts some of which were previously machined on one of the company’s small fixed head lathes.

The productivity savings made by transferring the work to the new sliding head lathe have been dramatic with cycle times on some parts down to 80 seconds from 3 minutes.

Says Bryan Webb, Senior Engineer at Cam Machine Components:

'The Doosan machine is fast, quiet and accurate.

'We are achieving +/- 2- 3 micron accuracies on parts and part features and, by running the machine overnight and at weekends, we have significantly improved our productivity levels'.

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