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EvoDeco runs like clockwork for watchmaker
EvoDeco runs like clockwork for watchmaker

EvoDeco runs like clockwork for watchmaker

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 12 December 2014

Operating in the high-end watch making industry, Steulet Microtechnique SA was founded just under two years ago in Delémont, Switzerland. From the start, the company put its trust in Tornos. This decision has paid off, as the firm has experienced strong growth since it was founded.

The company quickly built a strong reputation by producing and supplying high-end watch components as company CEO, Mr. Steulet comments: 'Our strategy is clear. We want to finish pieces on the machines with as few second operations as possible. This is what helps us to meet our customers’ needs. We need to guarantee them impeccable quality.'

All the components of the movement

Steulet Microtechnique SA manufactures all the components involved in the movement within a watch, in record time. The CEO explains 'Our specialty is the production of all hobbed parts and balance springs; our 6 Tornos machines are all equipped with gear hobbing and high-frequency spindles to allow these types of parts to be made. The EvoDeco 10 is one of the very few machines on the market that can house up to 5 high-frequency spindles. This makes it the perfect partner for producing these types of watch component. Furthermore, the machine’s kinematics, with its 4 independent tool systems, enables us to save time. The EvoDeco is an excellent platform for integrating the high added value operations that we offer our customers. These include diamond polishing, burnishing and even decoration work. The machine knows virtually no limits and enables us to quickly meet our customers’ needs.'

The range of parts offered by the company is very impressive and the more complex these parts, the more Steulet Microtechnique SA’s expertise and added value will make the difference. Steulet Microtechnique SA offers gear hobbing operations, which is a highly skilled specialisation. Once again, this operation is dependent on the flexibility of the Tornos EvoDeco 10. It is possible to add three gear hobbing devices to the machine with two for main operations and one for counter-operations. This is credit to the machine kinematics and the new Y4 axis on the EvoDeco. This axis greatly facilitates tool setting. The company does not carry out any tapping as all threads are produced by thread-whirling to avoid burrs and ensure exceptional precision levels.

Programming and precision

According to Mr. Ruegg, the production manager that oversees the performance of the machines, the EvoDeco 10 has proven to be a real joy. This is because it delivers impressive performance levels and the machine does not move, so it retains the very tight tolerances the company demands. In addition, the EvoDeco guarantees impeccable surface finishes with no compromises - in line with the quality criteria expected from high-end watch making.

The programmed workpieces are incredibly complex and to support this, Steulet utilises the great synergy built between the Tornos TB Deco system and GibbsCam. Even the most complex operations are quick and easily accessible. 'Sometimes, we are even required to create just one single part and the EvoDeco is ideal for this,' Mr. Ruegg confirms. Less than two years after it was founded, the company now has five EvoDeco 10 machines and a Tornos prototype. Mr. Steulet concludes: 'We are developing within a very specific niche and we are offering services with high added value to our customers. In this context, our expertise must be backed up by exceptional machines, and this is the case with Tornos.'

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