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FFM System for American Customer
FFM System for American Customer

FFM System for American Customer

Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 21 September 2016

Orizon Aerostructures is building something truly unique in American manufacturing with a multi-million dollar investment in six (6) additional ECOSPEED F2060 High Speed Machining Centers and an automated 12 Pallet Shuttle System from the Starrag Group of Switzerland. 

This is a manufacturing success story that began, when Orizon bought a first ECOSPEED F2060 for their Grove, Oklahoma site in January, 2016. It was clear to Orizon that the performance and flexibility of the ECOSPEED’s 30,000 rpm, 120 kW high performance spindle with 6,300 mm (X) 2,500 mm (Y) and 670 mm (Z) is enhanced by the inclusion of the Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head. This uses three parallel linear axes drives mounted radially equispaced in the headstock. The spindle platform is connected to each drive via rigid levers with pivots at each end and a ball joint at the other. 

When all three axes move simultaneously, the spindle is moved in a straight line in Z; synchronized motion of the three Z-axes allows the spindle to follow any path within a spherical cone of +/- 45 deg at a maximum of 90 deg/sec. If the three axes move independently, the spindle platform will be tilted in the A/B kinematic. This unique and patented kinematics outperforms all known conventional 2-axis heads.

The combination of Starrag’s Flexible Manufacturing System, Orizon’s major contract awards for large, complex monolithic machined components from OEM’s and Tier 1 customers in the Defense, General Aviation and Commercial Aerospace industries and the formation of a partnership between the two companies has resulted one of the largest orders ever for the Starrag Group of Switzerland. 

The six ECOSPEED F2060 and two-place rail guided pallet shuttle system will be used to produce a range of aluminum structural components at unrivalled levels of effectiveness and efficiency. When the machine is run at its maximum cutting volume of up to 10,000 cm3/min, each of the five-axis ECOSPEED machining centers that are integral to the FMS can transform a 4,000 kg aluminum billet into a 100 kg complex structural part in less than 20 hours whereby only 4 hours are required for roughing operations. 

Each ECOSPEED is able to accommodate 5,000 kg pay-loads, allow workpieces to be unloaded/loaded while another is being machined – the system will feature two load/unload stations, 9 pallet buffer stations and an integrated component cleaning device. The complete system will also have the latest innovations in software control, including preventative maintenance modules, which are part of Starrag Integrated Production System. Additionally, the FMS will accommodate an additional 3 ECOSPEED F2060 machines.

System installation will begin in early 2017 starting with the second ECOSPEED F2060 complemented by the core FMS workpiece handling/movement technologies. Thereafter, machines will be sequentially added to extend the system for completion by in January, 2018. Starrag’s role throughout development will include application engineering and the appropriate levels of back up and support to ensure smooth transitions of manufacturing at every stage of the project.

Starrag engineers will work in close partnership with Orizon’s team to ensure each machine and every machining operation is fully engineered, commissioned and approved – and that the system will continue to consistently perform to the exacting requirements laid down by the American company. 

The partnership agreement between the two companies has effectively seen them work closely together ‘from machine foundations up’, developing turnkey engineered packages based around time studies, tool selection and part acceptance for a number of workpieces. All this is in line with Starrag Group’s mission of ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ in terms of supplying machines, systems and overall solutions that exactly meet customer demands in terms profitability by high throughput rates, safety by minimal downtimes and growth by increasing competitiveness. “We are very excited to partner with Starrag on this major investment.” said Chief Executive Officer Charlie Newell “We are building something unique in Grove, OK unlike any other manufacturing company in the United States. This purchase will allow us to increase our efficiency and productivity fulfilling our goal to always delivery a quality product on time to our customer.”

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