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Haas are great machines and handle whatever we throw at them
Haas are great machines and handle whatever we throw at them

Haas are great machines and handle whatever we throw at them

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 05 November 2014

Precision 2000 Ltd was formed 14 years ago to satisfy the need for rapid response, high quality, value for money, sub-contract manufacturing. The company manufactures components, sub-assemblies & assemblies from a wide range of materials predominately in the oil, gas, subsea, offshore & ROV markets.

Operating from a purpose-built, modern factory unit on Gateshead's prestigious Team Valley Trading Estate, offering excellent facilities to both customer and employee, the company specialises in small and medium batch production, especially that involving complex component geometry.

The company’s policy of continuous investment in people and the latest equipment is targeted to maximise productivity, quality and value for money for the customer. Its latest investment saw the installation of two new Haas vertical machining centres, a VF-2 and VF-4 bringing their total of Haas machines to nine.

Gary Burgess, managing director, explains why he chose Haas, 'I’ve been buying Haas machines since 1998, when I bought a VF-1 off the stand at that year’s MACH show at the NEC. They are great machines and handle whatever we throw at them. We run our machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so reliability is key for us. The Haas machines have proved to be extremely dependable, the fact that our very first Haas is still going strong, 16 years later, shows how good they are.

'We supply to the Oil & Gas industry and cut a wide range of materials, including oil field grade stainless & carbon steels, and exotics, including duplex, super duplex & Inconel. Our new VF-4 has been fitted with an HRT-210 4th axis rotary and is cutting stabilizer sleeves from 4145 carbon steel for downhole applications. The rotary allows us to position the workpiece to drill a series of holes, at a 10 degree angle, in just one set-up.'

Deep bores inevitably expose the drill string to unpredictable working pressures and temperature extremes. They also penetrate more thermally unstable and potentially violent rock formations than ever before. This is where Precision 2000’s stabiliser sleeves come into play.

Since drill pipe is necessarily smaller in diameter than the boring bit, a long string can sometimes vibrate or 'whip around' inside the larger-diameter borehole. This can distort the borehole’s shape, tighten the wall clearance or cause a variety of other serious problems. Unstable rock formations can make the situation much worse. The simple answer is to stabilise the pipe by placing finned spacers along the drill string at regular intervals. These stabilisers centre the pipe in the borehole, yet allow the drilling mud to flow back up to the surface.

The Haas VF-2 is currently producing dry bushing sleeves also used in downhole applications. Mr Burgess continues, 'This is a typical part for us, 316 stainless and a small batch, but tomorrow it may be cutting spare parts for an ROV, the day after it could be producing a one-off prototype. Our clients will often call us expecting delivery within a few days, especially if they need a replacement or spare part.

'To meet these demands we have to make the best use of our available machines and staff. The Haas control is really user friendly and very easy to learn - all our operators can happily move from machine to machine and set-up whatever new component is required in a very short time.
'These are good, solid machines that do everything we want them to do – without costing a fortune.

'We’ll continue investing in Haas machines for their ac- curacy and their overall speed and efficiency,' he says.

'It’s an exciting time,' Mr Burgess concludes. 'As our range of products has become more technologically innovative, so has our approach to their production. Thanks to the Haas machines and the changes we’ve made in the shop, we’re doing things quicker, better and more efficiently whilst also improving quality.'


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