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HAAS CNC machinery is the answer for Vasantha Tool Crafts

HAAS CNC machinery is the answer for Vasantha Tool Crafts

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 03 February 2012

Since it was established just 16 years ago, Hyderabad-based Vasantha Tool Crafts Pvt Ltd has grown to become a well-known supplier of mould tools to some of the world&rsquos leading blue-chip manufacturing companies. Its uninterrupted rise to prominence owes much to shrewd investment in the latest technology, as well as the entrepreneurial energy of company founder, Mr. A. D. Reddy.

&ldquoFrom the day I graduated, I dreamt of starting my own company,&rdquo Reddy explains. &ldquoAfter I completed my degree in mechanical engineering, I took a two-year post-graduate course in tool design and manufacture, encompassing everything from press tools and injection moulds through to die casting, cutting tools, and jigs and fixtures. Two years later &ndash in 1989 &ndash I took the plunge and started VTC.&rdquo

Like many new companies, the first years were about survival, a period when Reddy admits he took every job that came his way: low-quantity clamps, basic jigs and even small press tools for sheet-metal work. But as word spread, the company began to win basic mould work, helping secure it financially for the following five years, before it reached what, in hindsight, Reddy acknowledges as its turning point.

&ldquoIn 1996, we made a big decision to invest in a large Swiss CNC milling machine. It was our very first investment in CNC, and I can honestly say that all of our significant growth stems back to that decision.&rdquo

The new technology was put to very good use, and word soon spread about the up-and-coming mould shop not afraid to invest in its own future. Some of the country&rsquos leading OEM&rsquos began to take note, and orders followed.

Along with existing custom work, the new business helped boost the company&rsquos turnover. Much of its growth has been from repeat business, which says a lot for Reddy&rsquos work ethic.

&ldquoAlmost all of our customers have returned for repeat orders,&rdquo he says, a fact that he attributes to the company&rsquos obsession with product quality, performance, service and overall value.

&ldquoOur strength lies in being a single-source, turnkey provider, offering everything from mould design &ndash we have eight CAD/CAM stations &ndash to manufacture, assembly, testing and acceptance.&rdquo


Full Capacity

In 2001, just five years after the acquisition of the Swiss CNC mill, VTC started to experience the inevitable consequences of its success.

&ldquoWe were working at full capacity,&rdquo says Reddy. &ldquoThe Swiss machine was running constantly. We soon realised that for small components, such as s, electrodes and plates, using such a large machine was far from ideal, so I began looking for another CNC machine, something which would be more suitable for the small, quick jobs.&rdquo

Which is when he came across the Mini Mill CNC vertical machining centre from machine tool builder Haas Automation.

&ldquoThe Haas machine was very competitively priced, so even though the brand was not very familiar to us, we felt justified in taking a risk. Our Mini Mill was only the second Haas machine to be sold in Hyderabad, and the first of its kind.&rdquo

Four years after he bought the machine, Reddy is still very happy with his decision. &ldquoConsidering the low cost, the Haas machine represents phenomenal value for money. It&rsquos very capable, and can handle everything we throw at it.&rdquo

Such was the good impression created by the Haas Mini Mill that two years later, in 2003, the company bought a Haas VF-2 CNC vertical machining centre.

According to Reddy, this new machine is frequently loaded with a base plate containing 20 to 30 mould s, and left to run unattended for 10 to 12 hours at a time.

&ldquoThe same year, we also acquired a Haas Toolroom Mill, and a high-speed Haas Super Mini Mill for our newly built facility, a kilometre from our main plant.&rdquo


Blue Chip

The ISO9001 accredited company&rsquos combination of the latest technology, and experience in (unusually) both high-cavity and hot-runner moulds, has allowed it to carve its niche as a supplier to a growing roster of high profile, blue chip clients. These include the Indian factories of L&rsquoOreal and Unilever, as well as Colgate Palmolive India Ltd, Whirlpool India, Schneider Electric India, Siemens India, Johnson & Johnson and Faber Castel. VTC also has a growing list of export countries, including Germany, the U.S., Egypt, Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Senegal.

The company&rsquos success is mirrored by the prosperity of surrounding Hyderabad, a city that has its business origins in the pearl trade. Today, like many Indian cities, Hyderabad is home to a growing community of technology companies with their sights set on global customers and overseas markets. To compete means to have the confidence to invest. Something VTC has in spades.

&ldquoA lot of our success is because we invested our profits in reliable precision machine tools. Haas machines give me the value for money and accuracy that I need to win and retain prestigious orders.

&ldquoOur future is very bright,&rdquo Reddy concludes, &ldquobut we still want to grow the business further. For the past two years, we&rsquove been exhibiting at Euromold in Germany. We realise we can no longer rely on word of mouth alone to stimulate growth.&rdquo


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