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Hauser purchase takes Kepston investment to over 3 million
Hauser purchase takes Kepston investment to over 3 million

Hauser purchase takes Kepston investment to over 3 million

Added to MTDCNC by Hardinge Jones and Shipman on 29 November 2013

Having invested £2.5M in the past two years in machine tools, infrastructure and additional personnel, the latest purchase of a £600,000 Hauser H35-400 jig grinder by Aldridge West Midlands based specialist subcontractor Kepston Ltd will substantially increase its top end grinding capability.

The company has a strong track record of investment and as General Manager Andy Oakley explains, 'we believe there are now few if any high precision grinding subcontractors in the UK who can match us for sustained quality and precision.'

'It has been a conscious decision by our Managing Director Brent Millage to maintain investment and more vitally purchase the very best machines,' he adds.

The Hauser H35 will be delivered in late February 2014 and will sit comfortably alongside Kepston’s other Hauser jig grinder – an S35 – that has been a cornerstone of Kepston’s success.

'That machine has hardly missed a beat in 13 years,' explains Andy Oakley. 'It maintains 1 micron surface finishes day in, day out and has been a phenomenal contributor to our business.

'Now we need more jig grinding capacity and capability and the new H35 will give us just that.'

On the H35 positional accuracy across the X, Y and W axes is maintained at 0.0020mm with the core of the machine being a robust, distortion-free module.  Guide ways are either sliding or linear with the X and Y axis guide ways hand scraped.  The control system is based on the proven Fanuc 300i with integrated PC driving the unique Hauser software cycles to ensure total compatibility with all jig grinding requirements.

However, an area that Kepston highlight will particularly impact on their operations is productivity.  Unlike its predecessor the latest Hauser has a fully programmable ATC automatic tool changer with 12 magazine positions, permitting automatic machining with grinding wheels from ø3mm to ø50mm.

This will enable lengthy unmanned machining cycles (overnight if necessary) which will impact on capacity and productivity in the precision grinding of some components.

'We experience the classic sub-contractor dilemma of never knowing what’s coming through the door and with the work we do for F1 teams in particular, the tasks can often be complex, time consuming and require exceptionally tight tolerances,' explains Andy Oakley.

'The additional capacity created by the new Hauser will address many of these issues as well as opening new horizons for work we currently cannot accommodate,' he concludes.

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