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Mills CNC supply the Hyde Group with four new machines
Mills CNC supply the Hyde Group with four new machines

Mills CNC supply the Hyde Group with four new machines

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 04 March 2015

Mills CNC supplies new Doosan high-performance vertical machining centres and a Doosan Puma multi-tasking lathe to Hyde Group Nuclear Ltd (HGNL).

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland has recently supplied Manchester-based Hyde Group Nuclear Limited (HGNL), the dedicated nuclear business unit within the Hyde Group, with five new Doosan machines.

The machines – three new DNM 500Mk II (vertical machining centres) and one new Puma 2600Y (multi-tasking lathe) were installed at the company’s Broadway facility in September 2014 and were joined in January 2015 by HGNL’s most recent acquisition – a new Mynx 7500/50 (large-capacity, heavy-duty) vertical machine.

The new Doosan machine tools are part of a significant investment made by the Hyde Group to increase HGNL’s manufacturing capacity and capabilities to support the nuclear industry which, in addition to the new Doosans, also included high-quality tooling and ancilliary equipment (e.g. measurement and inspection etc.).

Will Pearson, HGNL’s Head of Business Development said:

'The objective is for HGNL to become a vertically integrated operation offering engineering, design and build and manufacturing services and solutions to the nuclear industry.

'A dedicated facility gives us the ability to control all aspects of the manufacturing process enabling us to deliver to the exceptional Quality Standards the sector demands. The investment in new Doosan machine tool technologies is an important step in us achieving our objectives.'

The five new Doosan machines purchased by HGNL are being used to machine high precision (often complex) parts in small-to-medium batches, from carbon steel and Duplex stainless steels for the company’s nuclear customers.

The parts designed and manufactured by HGNL for these sites (and customers) are varied and include components for shielded equipment (i.e. doors, flasks, handling equipment etc) as well as special jigs and fixtures.

Because a significant proportion of these parts are manufactured from Duplex stainless steels, which is often classified as being ‘difficult-to-machine’, HGNL required ‘specific’ types of machine tools to deliver the accuracies, surface finishes, tool life and cycle times required.

Explains Will Pearson:

'We knew we needed powerful and rigidly-built machines to withstand the rigours of machining Duplex day in – day out.'

The Doosan DNM 500Mk II machines were selected for their cutting performance and reliability. The machines are equipped with powerful 18.5kW/12,000 rpm direct-drive spindles, generous-sized work tables (1200mm x 540mm), and their rigid BT 40 face and taper (Big Plus type) tooling configuration.

The 10" chuck Puma 2600Y is also a rigid, powerful and versatile machine with a 22.kW/4,000rpm main spindle, +/- 51mm Y-axis and 5.5kW/5,000 rpm driven tool capabilities.

HGNL’s most recent vertical machining centre acquisition is the box guide-way constructed Doosan Mynx 7500/50 equipped with a high torque 22kW/6000rpm spindle, a large 1600mm x 750mm table and BT 50 face and taper tooling.

This machine was selected for its ability to machine larger work-pieces or to machine multiple smaller jobs in one set-up.

Whilst the performance and technical specifications of all the Doosan machines were clearly important in HGNL’s new machine tool decision–making process – other factors such as the availability of the machines, their cost and Mills CNC’s range of after sales services were also vital considerations.

Concludes Will Pearson:

'Doosan machine tools represent good value and the back-up and support from Mills is first-class.

'The investments made in upgrading our machining capabilities means we are well placed to achieve our vision of becoming the nuclear industry’s preferred manufacturing partner.'

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