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Two new Doosan high-productivity lathes
Two new Doosan high-productivity lathes
Two new Doosan high-productivity lathes
Two new Doosan high-productivity lathes

Two new Doosan high-productivity lathes

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 26 March 2014

Specialist motorsport exhaust parts and systems manufacturer - Good Fabrications Ltd - invests in two new Doosan high-productivity lathes.

Aylesbury-based Good Fabrications Ltd (known as Good Fabs) is a leading fabricator and manufacturer of high-performance exhaust systems for the motorsport industry.

The company’s customer list, which reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the great and the good in the sector, is both extensive and impressive, and is testament to Good Fabs’ ability to constantly deliver proven high-quality, reliable solutions to a significant number of race teams (i.e. those competing in NASCAR, Indy Car, Rally Cross, World Rally Cars, Touring and GT cars, Le Mans, Formula 2 and F1), across the world.

With over 30 years experience fabricating race exhaust systems the company, according to General Manager, Ross Allen, ' has the capabilities and know-how to undertake almost any project and manage it from the initial design and development stage right through to delivering fully inspected and traceable race systems solutions'.

Integral to Good Fabs’ success over the years is its commitment to continuous improvement and strategic investment in new manufacturing technologies. The company regularly reviews, monitors and benchmarks its operational performance and capabilities in order to meet (and exceed) the stringent quality and lead time fulfilment demands of its customers.

A recent example of this resulted in Good Fabs deciding to increase its in-house machining capacity and acquire two new Doosan lathes from Mills CNC.

Explains Ross Allen:

'Although perhaps best known for our bending, fabrication and welding prowess – our exhaust systems also use and include many machined parts.

'These parts, from jigs, fixtures and tooling through to actual components like rings, couplings and bosses are machined to exacting tolerances and surface finishes.'

In the past Good Fabs subcontracted this work out to a number of preferred machining specialists.

Continues Ross Allen:

'Subcontracting out work can provide the optimum solution especially when you don’t have the necessary expertise or capacity in-house.

'However it can often become the weakest link in your own supply chain – as you are at the mercy of a third party.'

Manufacturing parts for the motorsport sector presents a number of challenges. The parts themselves are often characterised by their complexity and need for absolute precision. They are often machined in small batches from hard and difficult-to-machine materials...and lead times are always demanding.

Subcontracting out this type of work can compromise part quality and speed of delivery.

To prevent either (or both) from occurring, the company made the decision to develop its own in-house machining (turning) resource culminating in the acquisition of the two new Doosan lathes – the first being a 10' chuck Puma 2600 lathe installed in September 2012 and more recently an 8' chuck box guide-way Puma GT2100 lathe installed January 2014.

Says Ross Allen:

'The parts we machine (mainly from inconel but also stainless steel), are performance-critical components. They are supplied to our in-house fabrication/welding operations and they have to be right first time...all of the time.

'Our new lathes are powerful and reliable machines. They are rigidly-built and thermally-stable (for improved accuracies), and are equipped with advanced spindle technology which, in conjunction with sophisticated tooling, enables us to machine high-precision inconel parts from solid at high feed rates and low rpms.'

As a total systems solutions provider Good Fabs offers a comprehensive range of services to its customers. These include design and technical consultancy, reverse engineering, machining, fabrication and welding, inspection and post-fabrication operations (Non-destructive testing, shot-peening, heat treatment, heat shielding and thermal barrier coating etc.).

 The company has recently opened a North American workshop in North Carolina – a stone’s throw away from many NASCAR teams and a short distance from Indianapolis.

Concludes Ross Allen:

'We operate in a highly-competitive environment. Everything we do is about improving our performance and ensuring that the systems we design, manufacture, assemble and deliver are world-class.

'The investment made in Doosan machine tools is part and parcel of a dynamic continuous improvement business strategy that permeates throughout our organisation.'

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