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Cube Precision installs Hurco largest column machining centre
Cube Precision installs Hurco largest column machining centre
Cube Precision installs Hurco largest column machining centre

Cube Precision installs Hurco largest column machining centre

Added to MTDCNC by Hurco Europe Ltd on 07 January 2015

The world's very first DCX42i double column machining centre from Hurco has now been delivered to  West Midlands subcontractor CUBE Precision Engineering Ltd. The new DCX42i is the largest of three double column machines in the Hurco line with the DCX32 and DCX22 available for smaller parts.  

CUBE Precision was already reaping the rewards of previously installing a Hurco DCX32 machining centre but the growth of the company realised a requirement for a large capacity machine. CUBE were so impressed with their DCX32 machine that as soon as they were informed that a larger capacity DCX42 was in the design stage, an order was placed. The company is heavily involved in the aerospace and automotive sectors and the DCX42 is the ideal machine for these growing industry sectors.

One reason the Hurco DCX42i is ideal for the aerospace sector is the large work envelope that accommodates for heavy components. It has an X-axis capacity of 4.2m, with 2.6m in the Y-axis and a Z-axis travel of 1.1m with a 16 tonne table load capacity - enough to cater for a very diverse range of aero and automotive parts.

In addition to this, the new Hurco machine benefits from a dual column frame structure that provides a spacious work envelope to work around the component. The dual column frame also enhances the rigidity of the DCX42 with a design that has the X-axis running directly below the column with the Y-axis running above the column. This ensures that there is no flexing of the structure when pushing the machine with heavy cuts and high speeds on aerospace grade alloys.

To match the robust build quality, the DCX42i has a BT50 taper spindle for maximum material removal rates. This is driven to  a standard spindle speed of 6000rpm. However, CUBE selected the higher specification 10,000rpm spindle option. With a 80HP motor providing impressive power and torque levels that are combined with a high speed spindle, the DCX42i is an out and out workhorse for CUBE with the ability to productively machine all its large components. For aluminium parts the DCX42i can machine at high speeds whilst for mild and stainless steel and inconel components, the Hurco addition can really tear through the billets with heavy rigid cutting.

From an accessibility perspective, CUBE is impressed with the open top design and two large front doors that fully open. This provides fast and easy access to the work envelope as well as improving the loading and unloading of large parts that may be loaded by gantry or forklift.  

Commenting upon the new DCX line, Hurco UK's Managing Director, Mr David Waghorn says: 'Hurco has always been associated with smaller machine tools but we moved into developing larger machines over 4 years ago. This was primarily driven by customer demand, as customers with smaller machines were taking on work beyond the physical dimensions of our smaller range and they wanted a large Hurco machine. One reason customers wanted us to provide these machines rather than use another supplier was that our Hurco control really suits the type of work in the large component industry sector as our conversational programming is easy to use and is ideal for the rapid turnaround of large jobs that are relatively simple to produce.'

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