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Milling an Aerospace Cladding Part With hyperMILL on a Breton 5-axis VMC

Milling an Aerospace Cladding Part With hyperMILL on a Breton 5-axis VMC

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 02 August 2015

Automated functions within your CAM system can considerably simplify programming times when machining with complicated 5-axis strategies. Thanks to fully automated collision avoidance in 5-axis mode, hyperMILL® from OPEN MIND automatically calculates the optimal and collision-free tool angles.
As a result, users can program 5-axis jobs as if they were 3D. The market leading CAM vendor continually demonstrates these functions and its reputation in the motorsport and aerospace sectors are testament to the capabilities of hyperMILL. A recent example was demonstrated on a Breton Matrix 800 that was tasked with processing a curved surface cladding component for a aerospace OEM. The flexible 5-axis machining centre for large workpieces was optimally set-up to accommodate a large curved part whilst hyperMILL put the strategy in place.

Utilising hyperMILL's 5-axis drilling strategy, the 40kW spindle motor on the Breton was run at over 18,000rpm to drill a series of holes at different tool angles in a single operation. hyperMILL's drill feature recognition helps to reduce programming times significantly by automatically calculating the tool path.

Like simplifying the drilling of the curved surface area, the 5-axis top milling strategy consequently followed and drastically reduced the programming time and the consequent machining cycle.  This strategy reduced the machining times on the cladding component by defining greater path distances. Thanks to multiple in-feeds and stock recognition, hyperMILL additionally optimised the roughing cycle.

Following the drilling and rough machining optimisation, hyperMILL further reduced programming hours and the overall cycle time with its 5-axis contouring strategy. This innovative development from OPEN MIND moves the tool along the contour with a fixed angle to the surface. The contouring feature ensures that chamfers, slots and contours do not need to be designed separately, therefore time-consuming CAD programming is eliminated entirely.

By combining these machining strategies with the flexibility, power and speed of the Breton Matrix 800, this particular aerospace OEM reduced programming times and the respective machining times by over 50%.

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