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It's Dah Lih World at BCW Engineering

It's Dah Lih World at BCW Engineering

Added to MTDCNC by Ward Hi Tech Limited on 08 September 2016

With over 70 machine tools on its shop floor from a host of manufacturers, the latest addition to the plant list at BCW Engineering is the new Dah Lih DCM3216 from Ward Hi-Tech. As subcontractors go, BCW is by no means a 'run of the mill' company. It has expansion plans to take floor space to near the 100,000sq/ft mark; and the aerospace and automotive subcontract machine shop in Burnley, just keeps growing. 

Formed in 2002, BCW has exponentially grown by supplying Tier 1 and OEM manufacturers with machining services at capacity levels and turnaround times that are beyond the realms of most companies. This growth will see its existing £16m turnover stretch closer to £18m in the current financial year and with a healthy order book, the staff numbers of 120 are destined to increase in the near future. The evolution has always stemmed off the back of investment in staff and the latest technology - and the most recent addition to the plant list is a Dah Lih DCM3216 double column machining centre.

Discussing the company's investment in new technology, BCW's Engineering Director, Mr Tony Kilfoyle says: "We call parts of the company 'Dah Lih World' as we have so many of their machines, over 30 in total. In one particular production cell, we have 8 Dah Lih machines in three variants. We have the Dah Lih MCV-1200, MCV-1020 and MCV-1700. We machine a lot of aluminium extrusions for the automotive industry, so we have 15,000rpm direct drive high speed spindles on many machines."

A Company of BCW's huge success doesn't achieve this without acquiring the right machine tools, as Mr Kilfoyle confirms: "We searched the market and the Dah Lih's fitted our exact requirements with 4th axis capability that is integrated and a series of high speed options such as through coolant and high speed spindles. Additionally, Ward Hi-Tech has supported us through numerous schemes to flexibly finance the machines and more often than not, they have machines available in stock. This is important to us as we often have short lead-times with our customers and we can bring machines in at short notice, which we will engineer in-house to get them rapidly running our specific type of work. I would like to think that all this support will see 'Dah Lih World' continue to grow at BCW."

Mr Kilfoye says this at a time when the Company has already purchased another Dah Lih, the largest the Company has acquired to date, a DCM3216 double column VMC. This machine will be delivered to the Company's new aerospace specific facility that is currently in the final stages of construction on the old Michelin tyre factory that once stood in the town. The Dah Lih 3216 has a 3.2 by 1.55m table that offers an X, Y and Z axis envelope of 3200 by 1600 by 800mm respectively. With a 10,000rpm 25hp spindle that drives a BT50 spindle taper, the machine has been acquired for the machining of large super alloy aerospace components. To this end, rigidity, build quality and productivity were the core factors in machine selection. 

The reason BCW has complete faith in the build quality and reliability of the Dah Lih range stems back to its first Dah Lih purchase a 720 VMC that is over 12 years old. "This machine is still running reliably and productively for 3 shifts a day; comfortably clocking up 100 hours of production a week with no issues. This highlights how the robust structure and technical specifications of the Dah Lih machines can stand the test of time."

This ageing workhorse is running in BCW's automotive cell that manufactures turbine components such as aluminium compressor housings and bearing housings from cast iron. The production cell that manufactures the turbine components is also home to a series of Dah Lih DMV800 twin pallet vertical machining centres and Hwacheon machine tools that are also supplied by Ward Hi-Tech.  As Mr Kilfoyle concludes:  "Whatever the needs of our business in terms of production type, complexity and industry sector, Ward Hi-Tech has more often than not been able to deliver the optimum solution for our business with its Dah Lih and Hwacheon range of machines. From technical solutions and support through to financial packages and service, we have been extremely well supported by Ward Hi-Tech. Would we have bought over 30 machines from them if we weren't completely satisfied?" 

Ward Hi-Tech is the sole UK distributor for the Korean based Hwacheon product line and Ward Hi-Tech always hold a variety of Hwacheon machine tools in stock.

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