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Bandsaw supports special machinery manufacture
Bandsaw supports special machinery manufacture
Bandsaw supports special machinery manufacture
Bandsaw supports special machinery manufacture

Bandsaw supports special machinery manufacture

Added to MTDCNC by Kasto on 22 November 2014

Sondermaschinen Oschersleben GmbH (SMO) is a medium size company that since the late 90s has designed, produced and serviced flexographic printing presses and peripherals as well as special purpose machinery and handling systems. Within the last few years, the contract manufacturing company has developed its own series of over-printing presses, designated EDM, which are especially suited to economical, just-in-time printing of labels in small batches.

The modern production facility in Oschersleben, Germany, has more than 30 employees working in mechanical manufacturing, mostly in double shift operation to meet production schedules and delivery deadlines. To be able to guarantee long term quality that is both high and repeatable, they make everything in-house and so rely heavily on experienced staff, top quality production equipment and a well-equipped quality department.

Small to medium batch sizes from 1 to 1,000 pieces are produced for the company’s own needs as well as for special customer orders. For many parts that start out as sawn billets, these batch quantities are applicable to the sawing equipment as well. Bottlenecks used to occur in the sawing department despite the utilisation of several sawing machines. So when an older saw needed to be replaced, the person responsible at SMO searched for alternative sawing technology that would solve the problem.

After determining the requirements and considerable research at several exhibitions, an order was placed on KASTO for a high-performance, straight-cutting, automatic bandsaw, KASTOverto A2.

Peter Neumann, the sawing machine manufacturer’s representative in nearby Laatzen, said, 'With a cutting range of 260 mm round or 320 x 260 mm flat combined with automatic operation, the saw is ideal for SMO’s requirements.

'The concept of a fully-hydraulic bandsaw with a vertically running, horizontally moving saw blade is optimally designed for series cuts in solid materials, tubes and profiles, irrespective of whether the materials are easy or difficult to cut.

'Thanks to the compact design and the small footprint of only about 3 m², the saw including infeed and outfeed roller conveyor could be easily integrated into the production process within the tight manufacturing area at SMO.'

The KASTOverto A2 is equipped as standard with a double clamping vice to hold the workpiece on both sides of the saw blade, a blade side shift unit for contact-free retraction of the saw blade from the cut to prevent undue blade wear, a multiple feed system, hydraulic saw blade clamping, idling band wheel rpm monitoring (SpeedControl) and the operator-friendly control BasicControl. Only the 2,040 mm infeed and 1,020 mm outfeed roller conveyors and the minimum lubrication system had to be added.

As a result, SMO received from a single source a complete, ready to operate system for universal cutting of different materials. Matthias Franke, the company’s General Manager, is very satisfied with the performance and flexible utilisation.

He said, 'Using bi-metal saw blades on the machine, we cut aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper as well as plastics. KASTO provided good advice as to the correct tooling and carried out comprehensive training.

'Today, two operators work with the saw over a double shift. Thanks to the automation, they are able to perform other jobs while the machine is running. This makes us very flexible and also productive, especially since there are no downtimes due to missing cut parts.

'Furthermore, the accurate, reproducible cuts and good surface finish allow us to assemble the sawn parts without any further finishing'.


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