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Large capacity Doosan vertical machining centre installed at Copas Technologies Ltd

Large capacity Doosan vertical machining centre installed at Copas Technologies Ltd

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 18 June 2012

Large capacity Doosan vertical machining centre puts leading Northern Ireland aerospace precision component manufacturer on Cloud Nine.

Market-leading precision subcontract specialist Copas Technologies Ltd has recently invested in a new Doosan DNM 650 vertical machining centre with Heidenhain control, supplied by Mills CNC.

The machine was installed at the company&rsquos facility in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, in May 2012 and is being used (primarily) to manufacture complex, high-precision components for the aerospace sector - in particular the machining of aluminium and Stainless Steel parts used in aircraft seating.

Copas Technologies is a niche engineering company specialising in the manufacture of a diverse range of aircraft seating parts -: brackets, fasteners, arms, rails, adjustment mechanisms etc., as well as spare and replacement parts, for what might be described as the luxury end of the aircraft seating market (i.e. private and business jet aircraft).

Made from Aluminium and Stainless Steels these parts, manufactured in one-offs and small batches, are characterised by their intricate features, tight geometrical tolerances, superior surface finishes and aesthetic quality.

Copas Technologies occupies a pivotal position with its national and international customers&rsquo supply chains and has differentiated itself in the market by providing a rapid response manufacturing service offering a 24 hour &ndash 72 hour turnaround for machined parts, spares, replacement parts etc.

In addition, the company has built its successes on the firm foundations of providing its customers with high quality, high accuracy manufactured components - delivered on budget... on time...every time.

To ensure that these results are achieved every day (as opposed to as and when), the company makes regular investment in advanced machine tools...constantly upgrades and revamps its manufacturing processes...is committed to training and developing its people and continuously looks to improve its productivity and performance as a route to increasing its competitiveness.

Says Managing Director, Shaun Copas:

&lsquoWe are a young company (established 2006), but despite our relative youth we have experienced impressive and exponential year-on-year growth during the 6 years we&rsquove been in existence.&rsquo

This hasn&rsquot happened by chance and is testament to Shaun Copas&rsquo determination to &lsquodo things right and do the right things&rsquo.

Continues Shaun Copas:

&lsquoWe operate in a tough market...one where you don&rsquot get many (if any) second chances.

&lsquoOur customers, quite rightly, assess all aspects of their partners&rsquo performance (i.e. quality, reliability, cost-competitiveness, integrity etc.), down to the nth degree &ndash so if there is any weakness in your operations you won&rsquot be able to keep it under wraps for long.

&lsquoIn many respects when it comes to manufacturing we are clearly only as good as the manufacturing technologies, processes and systems we have at our disposal - so that means we only invest in the best.

And, when this thinking is applied to machine tool preferences, explains why we only purchase high-performance machines that are reliable and have been proven out in the field.&rsquo

This approach explains why, when looking for a powerful, versatile and large capacity 3-axis vertical machining centre, Copas Technologies opted for the Doosan DNM 650 with the Heidenhain iTNC 530 control from Mills CNC.

Explains Andrew Jack, Technical Director at Mills CNC:

&lsquoThe new DNM 650 (Heidenhain) is a high-performance, cost-competitive 3-axis VMC aimed predominantly at precision manufacturers operating in the mould tool and die and aerospace sectors, who manufacture complex parts in small-to-medium volumes and who prefer the functionality and performance (high-speed contouring) capabilities of the Heidenhain control.

&lsquoThe machine is versatile and with its 32kW 12,000rpm spindle (BT 40 Big Plus type) is adept at high stock removal and super fine finishing. Its large work envelope (X-axis = 1270mm Y-axis = 670mm Z-axis = 625mm) means that either big work pieces or multiple smaller jobs can be machined with ease, and its 30-position ATC is geared towards flexibility and productivity.&rsquo

But whilst the machine ticked all the right boxes from a manufacturing perspective - it wasn&rsquot the only thing being considered by Copas Technologies.

Continues Shaun Copas:

&lsquoOur business model (based on high quality: fast response) means that machine downtime is not an option for us.

&lsquoBut if and when a machine needs a new part or it needs to be serviced or if an issue arises affecting its (and our) performance &ndash we need fast and effective intervention. Mills CNC has a dedicated engineering resource in Ireland that we know we can rely on...and that was a significant decider in us purchasing the Doosan machine.&rsquo

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